Sunday, April 19, 2009

Birthday Prep Update

I already set the date for the party. Little J's birthday will fall on a Sunday, ut I she really likes her party in school with the rest of her classmates, that problem is the first day of class is on June 15, it will be too late if we celebrate it June 17, it should be just a few days before of after her real birthday. I went to KIDDO ACADEMY last April 15, I enrolled her early to avail of the 20% discount. I already asked Teacher Jo about my plan of having her birthday in school, and she said yes, the problem is tha date. She is kind enough to let us celebrate the party in school, even if there is no actual class yet, she is so nice to even reschedule the orientation on June 6, its suppose to be June 13, but she rescheduled it to June 6 so that we can give out invitations to little J's classmates. I really love this school, they really go out of their way to accommodate little request even if it is beyond their responsibility.

So there little J's birthday will be on June 8 Monday. Here are the details.

Venue: KIDDO ACADEMY- booked

Guest: classmates and a few cousins, so adults haha, at least on a very minimal number. I don't want to deal with all the moms, tita's, titos and lola and lolo. I purposely set up the party in school and on a weekday so that my parents cannot go.. haha.. i don't want them there. Marami kontrabida!


Entertainment: Little J wants Grimace so that narrows down the food choices to Mc Donald's which is fine. Since we are having a Circus-themed party I will also hire clown and face painter, I saw a very reasonable priced package.

Decors: Balloons, since I am obliged to pay for the party package of Mdco including grimace the mascot, this will already include balloons and other decors. I will also design a clown standee for the party, the one with the face cut off so that they can have their pictures taken in it.

Loots: Lootfairy, I already ordered circus themed wooden toys for this, plus the loots from Mdco.

Host: the McDo host will cover that, and the clowns too.

Invitation:I already inquired from the multiply site that offers ticket invitations, I am still waiting for reply, or I can just do this on my own. I am thinking of ordering the personalized deck of cards from artscrow, instead of pictures I can have the invitation layout printed on the back side. Its still on the circus theme.

Outfit: I like little J to wear the "glamorous trapeze girl costume", I am thinking to make a tutu for her skirt and but some cute stockings and add some embroidery for her top. I on the other hand will just wear a circus hat. Hey she will be the star of the party and I am now going to steal the lime light from her.

Cake: I don't like to splurge on the cake, but I already visited some bakeshop and the cake they are all expensive the lowest I saw was from Goldilucks with a 1,600 price tag. So I am thinking of buying a small cake and buy some ready made store bought cupcakes then I'll ask my Aunt to make some frosting and I'll just decorate it myself.. haha.. this I can thrift on, because other than the bllwing of candles there is no other use for the cake. I am not much of acake eater too, I love chocoalates and ice cream instead. Haha

Games: I already ordered 2 bowling sets from lootfairy.mulitply, I have a plan for it. Then maybe some carousel game, something like the Trip to Jerusalem. Instead of pin the tail on the donkey, we will try to put the nose on the clown. I hope the clown will cooperate. The kids will try to put the red nose on the real clowns face, I'm sure this will be fun.
I would also like a decorate-your-own-cupcake

Other things for the party:
Chocolate Fountain- we have our own so its free
Cotton Candy- I am still looking for one, I don't like the food cart I just like to buy a few sticks of this for decors and to give out as treats too.
Popcorn- I'll just buy a few big bags of popcorn form Holy Kettle Corn in Robinsons Pioneer right across little J's school and put it in the Quiapo bought popcorn boxes.

This is my plan. I hope everything goes well. I know it will be expensive and I am really prepared to splurge I have saved more than enough for the Disneyland Trip and since we are not going anymore I'll use the money for little J's party. last year she didn't have a party and as I look at her pictures today I feel so bad about it, I know she doesn't feel that way, but its me who feel so bad not giving her a party, its the "I want to give the best" mom in me. So wish me luck guys, I'll share pics of it after.

I am missing you all blogger friends, and I do visit every night, I just don't leave message much. I appreciate you dropping by here from time to time too. Hope I'll find more time soon to blog again.

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