Friday, July 22, 2011

Mission Accomplished

I'm back!! Ok, I went home for a 1 week vacation and it was great. I would say "Mission Accomplished". Those few days are precious, I wish I can stay longer to mend some things up. A lot happened, something that I didn't expect but I am very glad with everything. The only thing that I want changed is my relationship with my mom. Lets just say we have some misunderstanding. I'll dedicated a whole post for this next time.

So I came back July 14, arrived a few minutes past midnight so basically that already July 15. I am so excited to see little J. In fact I am excited even just for the little things. When I saw the Makati Skyline, wow I felt home. Cant believe that I am back in Pinas again. All I was thinking was what will be little J's reaction when she see me.

I didn't see my mom right away, in fact she walked pass at me. She said she didn't recognize me. This is the only time I had a good interaction with my mom. When she fetch me from the airport, we hugged tight. I miss her, I miss my best friend. So we went home and I saw little J sleeping. I quickly woke her up, the jewelry box in my hand. She was startled to see me, but not really surprised, which is more surprising. Its as if its just normal to see me. So I hugged and kissed her tight, I didn't want to let go. After a few minutes of talking that's the time she finally realized I am really home.. maybe she thought she was just dreaming. So she started telling stories and checked the jewelry box that I brought her. So this is the start of my Pinas Adventure. I'll post the rest soon with the pictures, once I found my memory card adapter.

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