Friday, July 22, 2011

Day 1- Pinas Vacation

The first thing I did was shopping. I basically got everything I wanted, except for the white shirt. I found my old black pencil skirt so I didn't but that. I bought 2 boyfriends shirt, a turtle neck blouse, wedge crocs sandals, 2 paper shirts, a dress, 2 bags, another dress for my room mate, 3 sets of pajama. I also bought flip flops, shoes for little J, t shirt for my brother, another t shirt for "daddy" and a lot more. I cant even remember all the things I bought. All these for just Php 4000. Wow! Such a bargain. I really love shopping in Divisoria. Everything is nice and affordable.

We can find anything and everything in Divisoria. I almost bought fake Ipad. If wasn't too tired I should have bought more. But I fear that if I go around the people infested mall I will need a Medicare supplement to continue walking. One thing that is very obvious difference between Brunei and Philippines. In Philippines there's a lot and I mean a lot of people. A lot of pollution and a lot of traffic. I just wish that I have that much traffic in my blog as well. One site that I also notice is the

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