Thursday, July 7, 2011

Blogger Newbie

I've been out of the blogging world for so long, that it feels like I am a newbie. Heck, I dont even know how to go around the new blogger format. I like it, I have to relearn navigating through it though, but I like it. It is user friendly and gives more information about my blogs traffic, visitors, referrers etc.

This way we know more about our own blogs. Its interesting that the post that is most visited on this site is the glam nails- design board, and rest house design which means this site actually gets more visit for the design related post and not the parenting, blogging or mommy stuff which this blog is intended for. I also have another blog that talks more about design, but for some reason it doesn't get much attention. So now, I know that I have to write more design stuff here also and hopes to get more attention and ultimately more traffic, therefore higher page rank. 

by the way, can somebody help  me take out the "read more" on my posts? its easy to do it before, but with the new blogger settings.. I'm lost.. please help.....

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