Friday, July 29, 2011

Last year's Birthday Wish list- success!

So in few days I'm turning another year old. So I went back and check my last year's wish list to see which actually came true.
1.I phone- nah!! no i phone, but I don't like it anymore have other priorities to consider.
2.External hard drive- check!! got it!
3.Graphite tablet- just like the I phone, I don't want this anymore, looks like I will not use it either.
4. Lose 20lbs- check! I'm not sure exactly how much I've lost but I slimmed down just enough to get my confidence back and my waistline is at least 4inches smaller. Oh! and I can wear mini skirts again!!!
5. New Environment- check! I'm in a different country now, so everything is new.
6. happy family- check! check! check! I thought this is impossible, well, I'm wrong. This is now a reality, so happy for this miracle.
7. Spend time with friends--- fail!
8. More time with little j!---fail...
9. Love!-check! check! check!
10.Peace of mind- I'd say 90% accomplished, still have a lot to worry about, but compared to last year I'm a lot better now.

6 out of 10, actually should be 8 out of 10 since I changed my mind on 1 and 3 since I don't want it anyway. On item 8 its a sacrifice that I have to do as a mom. We may be apart but this is all for her. I have to sacrifice working abroad with hopes of a better future for our family.

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