Tuesday, July 26, 2011

J & J Adventure - Father and Daughter Finally Together

Posting the pic first, I'll write the story later... be back in a few... just a bit busy...

Update: 27 July 2011

Ok, so here is the story. I went back to the Philippines for just a few days, precisely to spend time with little J and daddy. So as you can see, it was a "mission accomplished" trip.

I am so happy with everything that happened in Pinas, I would say it is something I dreamed of but didn't expect that would actually happen. Just like this picture, as you can see little J and daddy are now getting along. Finally, its just sad that I have to leave again. I know if they spend more time together they will be more closer. I just love watching them together. This is a dream that I thought will never happen. You see, its slowly becoming a reality and I am just so thankful that God gave as another chance to finally make our family complete.

Before all these, my mom and I had some misunderstanding, so I was crying the whole day. I felt devastated that even on my last day with them, she didn't spare that day to a peaceful family day. My plan is to spend that last day with Mama and little J, but since Mama is still mad at me of course that is not possible. I actually approached her that morning but she still wont talk to me, that's a long story that I'd rather skip.So change of plans.

After I spent the whole day crying, I realized that I was just wasting precious time. Time that I'd rather spend with little J. I don't want to leave with a heavy heart, I want to remember my days in Pinas as "happy times". So little J and I decided to go to SM and just spend the last few hours together happily. We hurriedly bathed and change and off we go to SM San Lazaro. Right before we left the house I received a text message from daddy, begging me to ask mama if she will allow him to send me to airport. I know its not possible (long story) so I told him to just go to SM and we just have dinner together.

So little J and I went to SM, we spent the last day same as how we spent it the first time I left. We first went to arcade and she is just so happy to get all those tickets. I just love seeing her that happy. Those smiles I will surely miss. Then after the games, daddy sent a message saying he is already in our meeting place. So little J and I went down stairs to see daddy. Before this, I talked to little J. I told her, that I wish she will not cry if she see's daddy, that if she is not comfortable with him just don't mind him and remember that its Mommy's last day and I don't want to see her cry. So, as I saw him waiting I literally run towards him and gave him a kiss on the cheek, hoping little J will do the same but didn't. Then we went to eat at Tokyo Tokyo, little J's request, she just loves to eat the tempura breading haha... just the breading. I have to peal off the Tempura, the good part is I get to eat the shrimp. During dinner, little J is still uneasy. She wont talk to daddy, just like before. Well, at least this time she is not crying. So we ate, daddy kept on talking to little J, then after a while she finally answered and soon they we're talking. First time, they actually talked to each other, little J finally respond. Then they started teasing each other, finally they are interacting with each other. Precious Moments, something that I will always keep in my heart. Then we went to Tutti Fruity and got some yogurt, here they continued to play and tease each other. They are so alike, the way they laugh, the way they talk, the way they deliver their punch lines. I am just so happy to see my family finally spend time together happily. Hopefully for days like this in the future.

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ay mare ang sweet ng mag ama :)

Nice buti nag bond sila...:)