Thursday, July 7, 2011

Online business

Since I recently figured out that this site actually attracts more readers about home improvement articles. Writing blog about architecture, interior design and decorating can actually help me with my design online business. I have to do a feasibility study on this one first, I have so much more to learn. Which articles are being read which are not generating traffic, so I have been reading a few article about design, decorating and try to check how they composed the articles that will not sound to technical nor to artsy. So this is one of the articles about decorating. It talks about choosing the right color for the bedroom. Brunei has a very laid back culture, so choosing the right color for a bedroom is very important as you can see in my previous post about my recent project. The color scheme is very simple, as well as the interior design itself, but I received a lot of complements from this project. The client and the rest are saying that its the best they have seen so far, even saying that it is the new "standard" for housing in Brunei, the rest of the new housing development should be at par with my design.

I will be scanning some more articles from this site, and I'll be back with to tell you about it.

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