Thursday, June 19, 2008

First day of school

ang unang araw niya sa eskwela. Bagamat sa simula ay takot pang bumitaw sa aking kamay sa kalaunan ay nakisaya na siya sa kanyang mga bagong kaibigan.. First day... ready for the adventure...
Watching the other kids as they sing and dance during circles. Hope next time she will join.
So behave in her classroom


JdelaCruz said...

Thanks for visiting my blog!

Your little girl looks great!!! My youngest is about the same age. These pictures remind me of how kids these days go to school at quite an early age. ( I remember going to school the first time when I was six!) And how pre-school today costs and arm and a leg. (My mom says mine cost P15.00 the whole year, plus a donation of walis and bunot, public kasi.) But... anything for our kids, right? As long as they have fun and enjoy every second of their childhood I always say. Because the darn little things grow up so fast. One blink and it's college you're paying for.

Be visiting your other blogs soon. You and Jea take care!

marikit said...

your little girl is so cute! :)