Sunday, June 22, 2008

Things to know about (Strenghts)

To guide the teachers on how to approach our kids in school, we (Owie, Lea and me better known as the "super involved, sometimes paranoid moms") decided to give them something to help them get to know our kids. This is what I've come up about Jea.

Jea is very special to all of as and she knows she is special. But she is not a brat, she is obedient, disciplined, thoughtful, and very smart. She just turned 3 last June 7. We sent her to school to harness her intelligence. She has to interact with other kids so that she can develop social skills. I believed that Kiddo Academy can help me this objective.

We can work together into developing these objectives. So here are some facts about Jea to help you:


1. She is usually playful, lively and talkative. But, I noticed that in school she is usually behaved, stay seated and keep quiet.
2. She has a very strong sense of humor. She’s smart enough to think of a punch line that can really make you laugh.
3. She understands English and can converse with English and tagalog.
4. We talk to her like an adult and hope you do that too.
5. She is very independent and loves to help with chores. I don’t mind if you ask help on little things. Like picking a paper that fell. This makes her feel appreciated.
6. She loves to dance and sing. So please incorporate more activities that encourage singing and dancing.
7. She recites and recognize/read ABC’s since 18 months.
8. She knows most colors even the hard ones like light blue, yellow green, etc.
9. She knows the shapes.
10. Recognize animals and their sounds. She loves animals and has a pet dog (Brandon). A pair of love birds (Giripit and giripat), and (Lucky) a flower horn fish.
11. Her fine motor skills are also good. She can pick up tiny things, hold pencil, can use scissors, and can use a computer mouse.
12. She can open and operate a laptop and can play by herself, knows which button to push and clicks and controls the mouse.
13. She loves to play with puzzles; she can finish a 24pc puzzle in 2mins before she turned 2.
14. She has a very good memory. She likes playing the memory game in the computer.
15. She loves to run, jump, and climb. Just allow her to explore things, but please stop her from tumbling on the floor.
16. She loves to draw and can draw things with complete detail since 2. She draws a fish with fins, scales, gills, tail, eyes and mouth. Dragon, with tail, pointy back, eyes, open mouth complete with flames, and even her favorite Barney.
17. She likes to play with blocks. The first time she got one, she made a pyramid which are color coordinated all yellow ones inside with orange outer borders.
18. She is responsible and knows how to keep her things. But please remind her to do so and praise and recognize her efforts.
19. She can follow instructions as long as it is very well explained. She is very obedient, when she recognized authority.
20. She loves to be praised and appreciated. To build her self esteem. Please don’t forget to say (very good, that’s nice, wow, etc.)
21. She loves books, so please read to her often.
22. She knows how to count from 1-11 and now learning 12-20. She already knows how to add and subtract small numbers as long as she can count it visually.
23. She knows the parts of the body.
24. She like Barney, Dora, Noddy and stuffed toys. Her favorite is Pink Bear.
25. She is potty trained and usually tell adult when she needs to go to the bathroom.
26. She like girly stuff. Sometimes a lipstick can make her stop crying.
27. She loves stickers and stamps. To her stamps is a recognition that she did well in school. So please be generous to giving it to her.
28. She is very creative and likes to color, paint, and play with clay do a lot of arts and craft.
29. She eats by herself, but please reminds her not to make a mess.
30. She loves to play as a chef and calls herself “Chef Sheffy”.
31. She loves cameras and can shoot very good pictures, she pose well too.

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