Monday, September 22, 2008

The Parenting Company Part 1

Right after card issuance we went to SM Mall of Asia to attend a

parenting seminar

by Maricel Laxa Pangilinan. A few minutes ago as I write my other blog, I cant even believe that I am already getting a class card for my daughter, sinking in went really fast. So we went for a parenting seminar. Its titled "Raise Smart Kids", sponsored by Ovaltines. I went there with my bestfriend Owie and her son Krsito.

We first took a bus going to Glorietta, we we're to be picked up by Owie from them, but before that we had to eat first. We ate at Pizza Hut on the ground floor. We ate, can you guess? Haha, got you. Of course, the first thing that went to your head is "pizza". But no, we ate spaghetti with meat balls and had cinamon bars for dessert. We had a wonderful time eating, infact this whole was really fun. I wasnt the mommy monster. I am so determined to keep my temper. So back to the story we went to take the bus after that and meet Owie.

We got off at Ayala and we took the underpass going to Glorietta. When I called Owie she in McKinley already which is very close so we practically run. We sat infront of Tower Records. We just sat there on the steps, we waited, and waited, we got excited with every car that comes around the bend. It took awhile, so while waiting, we sang. Very simple, we sang, "tita Owie where are you?", "tita Owie where are you?" I wish I can sing it again here, but uploading a song might take awhile. So I'd rather not.

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