Saturday, September 20, 2008

First Contest at Memory Filled

To celebrate my first winning I will give back what I won and add more prizes too. I just won 500entrecard from Dashing Smiles and just because I'm so happy about it I'll throw it back in the winning pot.

1st- 2000 entrecard credits (1000ec from Abhishek)

2nd- 500 entrecard credits
3rd- 300 entrecard credits
4th- 100 entrecard credits each for 3 lucky bloggers

How to join:
1. Subscribe in Sweet...pretty.. naughty (5 entries)
2. Subscribe in Memory Filled (5 entries)
3. Earn 3 entries if you add me in your blogroll
4. Earn 1 entries for every comment. You can comment on both blog that will give you 1 entry each)
5. Blog about this contest and get 20 more entries.

You can have as much as 38 entries for the contest.

Contest Ends on Oct 15, 2008, I'll post about the winner on Oct 16, 2008.

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