Sunday, September 14, 2008

Im happy already

Its tita Nelly’s birthday, right after Divisoria, we went home to take a bath and change and we are off to tita Nelley’s birthday. A lot of food, but I only ate the Kare-kare, my all time favorite,Jea ate fried chicken and rice. She was so excited to show everybody her new bag, the one we bought from Divisoria. It’s a clear hello kitty she wont take it off her shoulders.

She didn’t like the stinky smell of divisoria, but when we got back in the mall she was asking to go back outside the road, We didn’t want to, she started a tantrum and cried, she really wanted to go back outside. Good thing I saw the bag. So when I showed it to her, she immediately st oped crying. She picked the pink big one. Its very cheap only for P50 so I bought it. She started walking, and crying the bag, when we got in the car. She blurted. “I’m happy already!”

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