Saturday, September 27, 2008

Sleep Over

I am both proud and sad tonight, littl J left to sleep over nang-nang's house. It was just a joke when nong-nong asked her if she would like to come with them, to our surprise she said yes. Even if I reminded her that I will not be by her side tonight, she said its ok she will sleep beside nang-nang and we will see eachother tomorrow. I'm sad that she's ok sleeping without me, but I'm also proud that she has the courage and can understand that we will still see eachother soon. She's growing up so fast, in all aspects, physically; she's looks like a 5year old already. Intectually;sometimes I feel that she speaks and comprehend like a 40 year old. She has so much maturity for a 3 year old. Emotionally, just like tonight, leaving mommy to spend the night with nong-nang. I think its much more harder for me that it is with her. I should be really proud, but I'm still sad. I'm so used to her, sleeping on top of my arms, hence the term "braso-braso". She always lays her head on top of my arms when she sleeps. Most of the time my arms get sore as we wake up in the morning, but I'm used to it. I love it that way, having her really close, feeling her hair on my arms, hearing her breathing as I sleep, most of the time I even get a hug.

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