Monday, September 22, 2008

How to make money on Real Estate

I have heard a lot of success stories on Real Estate. I saw a TV interview with a Filipina who made it big in Hawaii, making money on real estate. So I thought how did she do that? I tried this before, I tried to do Real Estate. No success for me. I thought it maybe not be the right thing for me. I am an architect, and I did sales, this should be easy for me. There are a lot out there that can do it, and they don't even have the same background as me. There is a lot to learn.

Then I found Nouveau Riche Scam, a lot to learn in this blog. This talks about stories of people who made it big doing real estate. All have different background, different strategies. There is really no formula into it, there are guidelines that you can follow but it really depends on how hard you work and a little luck. It is based on stories of alumni from Nouveau Riche University, a school that offers real estate investing and business related classes. But is this Nouveau Riche Scam? It is not a scam, this is true in depth lessons that will surely give results to those who strive to do well in real estate business. Go and chek it out if Nouveau Riche Scam, but I assure you its not.

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hey this looks familiar! hihihi see? bid lang ng bid! ^_^

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