Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ebay purchase

I did my first purchase over the net. Its books for little J, found used still nice books at ebay and I bid on 5 of them. I got lucky, I won! The funny part is, I forgot all about it until I recieved an email from the seller reminding me. I so sorry, I'm really sorry its just that me schedule and my over all well being is kind of messed up this past few weeks since we dont have a nanny. I will be rushing to the BPI this lunch time to deposit the money.

Actually, I can just let go of the books since I can find more good books in the bookstore and I'm also going to but books for donation to Kids Ahoy for Mommy Millete. She gave a doantion for the Share-a-book drive and I promised to show the books here and pictures of me handing it to Kids Ahoy, but I just can find the time now. I will do that hopefully this weekend.

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