Monday, December 8, 2008

Help out! Christmas Gift Giving at Kids Ahoy!

You are all invited to come and join the gift giving project Happiness of Kids Ahoy!

Please also wear something red, as requested by the admin of Kids Ahoy.

The event is rescheduled to December 13, 2008. So all of your are still invited to come. Entrnce is Free, just bring a book to enter.

Books and other donations will be given to unprivililege kids of the following benificiaries:
1) Kids Ahoy Library of Dreams
2) the kids of FCED (same recipient as last year's gift-giving)So far aside from the musical performances of the kids and storytelling throughout the day, the following will be around to join the festivities:
BAREFOOTPRINTS OUTDOOR ADVENTURES (Teachers Cherie, Leland, Dabid and company)
Mimi's Famous burgers (heheheh)
Teachers Maybelle & Tessa, storyteller from Adarna
Teachers Kakoy Legaspi & Gareth Sommers

Wrap up Gifts of your child's old clothes, shoes, toys or food to be shared with underprivileged kids
and experience the real joy of Christmas with your Kids Ahoy family!

RSVP 0920-5178127 / 4737896 / KIDSAHOY@YAHOO.COM

For more info visit Kids Ahoy

If you cannot come to the Event you can still donate by paypal. These are new books that will only be ordered once you decided to donate, please specify in the message box what title you would like, there are a lot of books to choose from.

Pop-up books like this are for $1 only, you can choose from a lot of titles.
Click on the donate button and your books donation will be given to KidsAhoy on Decmber 13. It will be labeled "Shared by NAME". )

Red Riding Hood
Jack and the Beanstalk
Little Mermaid
Snow White
Ugly Duckling
Gingerbread Man
Goldilocks and the 3 bears
And a lot more. visit Learning is Fun for more titles.
If you want to purchase these books not just for donation, just leave a comment here with your order and contacts. I will communicate with you asap. I will be able to give you discount too.

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Jes said...

kung d busy ang hubby ko gusto ko ana sumali dyan =)

Jes said...

nakatanggap n nga ko ng newsletter from them kaso d p ko nag confirm =) kasi hubby ko mnsan busy eh!

Enchie said...

how I wish I could visit kahit sandali lang...nadagdagan xmas list ko...lalakad na naman ako this weekend to finish everything.

Enchie said...

I might drop some toys and books lang, but I might not be able to stay that long.

Enchie said...

I fixed my son's closet, got some clothes ready ;)

Enchie said...

But I was thinking of donating new ones...sana magka-time ako lumabas before saturday...

Enchie said...

Sana talaga...this will be my first charity this month. Every holiday season may tinutulungan kami...

Enchie said...

Nag chat kami ni Chris...seems like Jes and sherry are doing great! he!he!he! habol!habol!

sweetytots said...

Yes Enchie, Sherry is really good in commenting games like this. I myself lost in the last commenting game that we joined. I was commenting 100 per day na and she still won over me. I managed to comment more that 600.. hers was about 900 or more. To thinks that she joined late already. That means this is still everybody's ball game. Goodluck everyone!

sweetytots said...

With the books, that you would like to donate. If you dont have time to buy them before saturday I can buy it for you. I also sell childrens books kse... dami raket no? You can choose from the books in the link "Learning is fun". The prices on that site can still me brought down, I can give you discount pa.. retail price kse yan.. same price as the malls if you get it from me I can give you 10 to 20% discount pa. Distributor kse ako.