Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Preschool Skills Checklist

I just got little J's report card from her school Kiddo Academy, sort of a Parent Teacher Conference and I am proud to say that she did great. She got Straight "A's". But aside from the Acedemics they are also being graded on their skills. This is a must for preschooler, since their motor skills are just being developed there are a lot of simple adult things that are just new skills for 2-4 year olds. My advice is to not be scared to let them try things out, even if they look dangerous to parents, of course we should always be there to watch over them. That's a must. So for moms who has kids in preschool, or just about to go in to preschool by next year this is a good cheklist for you to see if your kids are ready, and serves as guideline too, so that you can train them as early as now. I wish I saw somthing like this before, I coul have prepared little J for school.

Its a long list so I'll post them one at a time. Ok.

Part 1
Social Skills
Ask yourself if your tot can do this already:
*Look forward to school and other new activities and information
*Can get information from TV and other orally presented materials
*Have learned the appropriate use and care of toys, books, etc.
*Like the table games, paper-pencil, schooltype activities
*Keep hands and feet to self, respect other's property
*Carry out responsibilities, help clean up, conform rules,
*Can apologize and be courteous
*Have non-aggressive conflict resolution strategies
*Share with others willingly
*Finish work in a reasonable amount of time
*Have pride in accomplishments
*Play cooperatively in competitive games
*Play imaginatively and dramatically (dress-up, role play)

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