Saturday, December 6, 2008

Preschool Checklist Part2

Here is the continuation for the Preschool Checklist. The checklist is divided into categories, Social Skills, Motor and Self-Help, Speech and Language and Readiness. Im going to list down the Motor Skills and Self-Help Part 2. I believe this one is the most neglected part, maybe because things are so simple that we thought it will, just come naturally or some parents are so scared to make them try, just like letting them use scissors, but because of that too that we should take more effort into training them in this area. So this is one thing that parents should prioritize. My advice is to not be frustrated, since this are very simple things, we thought it should be a lot easier for them. Most kids develop this later than expected. My daughter has accomplished all of this skills, primarily because I recognized the need to train her and help her out with the skills early on. Most kids develop this skills at 4 or 5.

Motor and Self-Help Part 2
* Demonsrate coordinated large muscle movements- 1 foot hopping, skipping, jumping, ball skills, wheel toys etc.
* Comfortable on playroom equipment
* Spread with knife
* Manipulate item held with fingers
* Have established hand dominance
* Use a mature grasp on writing tools
* Draw simple figures
* Draw a 6-7 part person
* Copy a circle, triangle, square and cross
* Have simple cutting, coloring and pasting skills (yes mommies! let your 3 year old use scissors.. she first used scissors at 1year 7 months)
* Open and close lunh bags
* handle fasteners (butons, zippers) for clothes, learning to tie shoe
* Use bathroom porperly and obey rules of sanitation
* keep things out of mouth
* take care of own belongings
* copy and name a few letters (She just wrote me a Christmas Card) of course with the hep of her teacher.. because I will truly be amazed if she was the one who speeled it correctly.)


Enchie said...

perfect idea top train your child ahead. That's what I'm doing now.

Sherry said...

yeah great idea!

Sherry said...

train your child brilliant idea

Sherry said...

enchie how you doing there

Sherry said...

checklist is important

Sherry said...

my friend ask if 3 yr old too young go nursery or day care

Sherry said...

they said its better if the kid know tell go toilet and eat only send them