Sunday, December 28, 2008

How do I count your comments?

Thank you so much Jes and Sherry for all your harwork and patience here is the tally of you comments. First, let me tell you how I count your comments. My comments is set on moderation right? So I will have to approve your comments first before it gets posted in my blogs as comment. For every comment to be approved there is a notification email sent to me that someone just left a comment in my blog for approval such as this one. As you can see, time stamp and the name of the person who left the comment is indicated, as well as the location on which post did the commentor left it.

this sample is by
Commentor: Enchie
Blog: sweetytots blog
Date: Dec. 16, 2008 2.28AM
Post: Blog and Advertising
Once I approve the comment another notification will be sent such as this one notice the difference. Only the comment minus the informations.

So that means for every comment made there will be 2 notifications sent to my email, then I will just move it in a folder with the corresponding date as unread. Why do I mark it is unread? that is the trick, in yahoo mail, unread mail are counted and refelected as seen here.

Note: this is not te final count I still have to recheck if there are 2 notifications sent or just one and also to check if there are mails mark as read.

So the total number of unread mail for that folder divided by 2 is the total number of comments made on that day.
At least this is how I intended to count it.But from December 20 to present only 1 notification is being sent. So I dont have to divide it anymore. The actual notifications sent is the actual count of comments, it made it more easy for me.
So follow this link for the tally of comments. Let's see if Jes and Sherry gets to double their prize.

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Sherry said...

wow..its amazing you did it.

Sherry said...

now that's the trick, thank you for sharing

Enchie said...

wow ang galing naman sis! talagang may backup :)