Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Do you watch Anime?

My daughter is fond of watching cartoons, she loves Noddy, Handy Manny and Mickey Mouse Playhouse. There are a lot cartoons out there open for watching of toddlers but I always choose the cartoons that my daughter watch. Mostly, I only let her watch Disney Channel, because their cartoons are education and kid friendly. We try to stay away from cartoon netwrok and shows like Tom and Jerry because slapsticks cartoons is not good for viewing for kids. It is not nice to let you kids watch cats thrown in the air or blown up by explosives. These cartoons has too much violence. Another cartoon that I don't like her watching is Spongebob, yes he is cute and very popular but have you really watched a show? The squid is not a nice character, he always has something bad in stored for spongebob, not to mention that spongebob is very stupid. There are a lot of cartoons out there that we as parents should always be aware of the plot, the characters or if this can actually be agood thing for our kids.

Another type of cartoons that are so popular today are animes. There are english versions, and tagalof versions. Kids and adults alike are very fond of this. Teenagers are so into it, that they even buy dvd series of this Animes. I had a draftsman before who always buy dvd's and has tons of posters of Animes, for him its not just cartoons its a lifestyle. There are so many fans that now there is even a chat room for people who love these shows, Free Anime Chat is one of them. I bet he stays up late in those chat rooms too.

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