Saturday, December 6, 2008

Weekend Snapshot #12

Instead of my usual just picture on weekend I'll write the whole activity in every weekend to document all our fun filled activities, thats the reason why I blogged in the first place.
We have a lot of activities lined up for saturday, I had to cancel some so that little J will not be too tired.

8:30 -10:00 am = Come and Play (West Ave. Q.C.)
First stop should have been Come and Play, to pick up some new orders, but I decided not to order a lot of petty toys to accomodate a big splurge for buying the kitchen toy set. So that one is cancelled. I dedided to go to Kids Ahoy early.

10:00 - 3:00pm = Kids Ahoy (Cubao, Q.C. )
Kids Ahoy Book Drive
An outreach program, targeted to help kids of Q.C. area. Share-a-book drive, Story telling and a lot of fun filled activities.
We went here a little late at 1 noon, cox we have to wait for the new dress that Mama bought specifically for this occasion. We should be wearing anything that has red. We went there but was sad to know that the activity is rescheduled to next week.(Cancelled, because of the very reliable weather forcast of PAGASA)

2:00- 3:00pm = Dunkin Donuts (Aurora Blvd, Sta. Mesa)
It was not part of the original plan, but I decided to go here for stop-over, to cheer little j since Kids Ahoy activity was rescheduled to next week.

3:00- 5:00pm = Learning is fun! WS Pacific Publications (V.Mapa Sta. Mesa)
I would like to visit this since its within the Area and we had time to kill before the next event. A lot and I mean a lot of wondeful and very reasonably priced Childrens books. I decided to join as member, since I always buy books for little J. That also means I am now a distributor of WS Pacific Publication's wonderful books. They carry childrens books, and cook books. I will discuss more on future posts.

5:00-8:00pm = Company Christmas Party (Rockwell, Makati)
Good thing we bought books and paper dolls before hand, this kept her busy since we arrived too early for the Party, she was picked up by Papa for the last event. A debut party.

8:00-12:00MN = Gillian's 18th Birthday Party (a black and White ball) (Pasong Tamo, Makati)
I came late since I stayed till 10:00pm in our Company party, but I manged to be there just in time for the program and dancing. (although I didnt dance at all) Little J, got the floor occopied the whole time. She was definitely the "Star of the Night"

As you can we, we had a jam packed day of activites. I got really tired, but in little J's case, there is really no stopping her. Specially if she is on the dance floor. For Sunday all we did was, Christmas Decorations at home.

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Sherry said...

I try this donut too but very hard to eat :( can't leave in fridge overnight it become real tough to eat

Sherry said...

my teeth feel pain when bite them

Sherry said...

not sure if you know what I mean

Sherry said...

weekend snapshot is fun yeah..

Sherry said...

my pimple so many on my face

Sherry said...

eat too much oily and fried food

Enchie said...

Architech, is it ok if I ask kung san yung Kids Ahoy sa cubao? I live in cubao kasi, like 5 mins away from Araneta center ;)

sweetytots said...

Ench, pls send me your email add and I'll email the sketch to you re Kids Ahoy.

Enchie said... Thanks!!! Thanks!!! again! just in case I don't win, I can still visit Kids Ahoy ;)