Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Kids Say the Darnest Thing # 7

We just got home from Sta.Rosa, and I am already feeling the stress because of the Holidays. We are always out of the house and somewhere out of town. When we got home, I had to hurry cooking dinner. I poped the Fish fillet in the microwave to defrost it and stir fried it with some garlic and olive oil. I put a little more salt ans it turned out really salty, so to cover up my mistake I put some heavy cream to nutralize the saltiness. Well, I was not successful.

Little J: Mommy, Im hungry.
Big J: Ok, do you want fish and rice? (fish is her favorite food)
Little J: Oh yes, yes mommy! fish and rice!
So I grabed some and heat it up in the microwave. Mama ate with her.
Little J: Mommy, baket ganito yung fish? Why is the fish like this?
Big J: Why baby? Is it salty?
Little J: No...... mommy... parang.. parang.... medyo.. medyo.. hindi masarap! Mommy, its like, its like...... it doesn't taste so good.

Oh thank yopu baby, its the best rejection line I've ever heard, it's negative but it sounded so sweet.

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earthlingorgeous said...

hahahaha nagpapaka polite pa ha hahahaha... sana daughty ko rin can talk I think she would be a smart ass too hahahaha!


Jes said...

heheheh cute nmn ni Jea! =) takot magaksakit ng damdamin eheehhhe =)