Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I am Guilty! I sneaked and I peeked!

When I drop little J to school today. I saw her class card on top of the teachers table. Ok, I know I should not touch it. It's their 2nd card issuance on Saturday and when I saw the report I was tempted to take a look. I wanted to see her grades. Ok, Im sorry I know, it was not right. But I gave it to temptation and got her card and took a peek. And I am so happy with what I saw.

These are here grades with the corresponding previous grades. I am so proud of my daughter she all straight A's.

First Quarter
Reading : A
Writing : B+
MAth: A
Science : B+
Language: A
Values : A
Education: A-
Self Learning
Activities: A-

Second Quarter
Reading : A
Writing : A
MAth: A+
Science : A
Language: A+
Values : A+
Education: A+
Self Learning
Activities: A+


outstanding = 97-100 A+
Excellent = 93-96 A
Very Good = 89-92 A-
Good = 85-88 B+

She improved in all her subjects! Staright A's

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