Monday, November 3, 2008

Clear Vision

There are a lot of new found technologies now, for health for development. Although Laser procedure has been in the market to correct a lot of things, like vision, birthmarks or even fatty cells. There is a technology now for correcting cataracts and other eye deficiencies.The LASIK technology, it is a process that uses two lasers instead of one. Two is always better than one. The first stage is by using a "wave-front" technology to check the uniqueness of the eyes, its like fingerprinting only for the eyes. Then, an ultra fast, laser that creates a corneal flap. This is to guide the correction that will take place. This procedure replaces the handheld machine of the old ilasik procedure. Continue reading this post for more LASIK information. It was also reported that when they used the ilasik technology for the 100 military personnel, they showed a 95% corrected vision. 20/20 to be exact, issint that wonderful? This is really a good way of getting you perfect vision fast. My cousins, who had problems with their sight ever since they we're children tried this. They are so happy with the results, after some 20 years of their life, now they can see clearly. This is really an mazing technology.


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