Monday, November 10, 2008

How to earn from paid blogging

I recently joined a forum called Smart Parenting and in that forum someone, in fact a lot ask me on how I do paid blogging. So instead to emailing each and everyone of them, I decided to just post it here. First of all, I am not an expert, I just started too, but on my first month I earned $300, not so much compared to other moms, but its a lot for me already. I will write how I earned that first $300. Please read on to learn how to do paid blogging.

First Create a Blog,
So you already have a topic in mind and a possible title for your website. It's now time to meet Mr. Blogger. Log on to and the site would walk you through 3 easy steps on how to make a blog:

1) CREATE AN ACCOUNT - blogger will ask you to fill out a form asking you about your personal information

2) NAME YOUR BLOG - a part in which you need to put a title for your site. Blogger will inform you if the name of the blog you picked is already taken and would give you some title suggestions which is closer to the title you first selected.

3) CHOOSE A TEMPLATE - blogger does have a dozen of templates that you could use. You can select whatever template would suit the website you want to create. You could customize your site by downloading free blogger templates available on the internet but I suggest you first use those default template until such time you are already familiar with blogger software.

after prompting you to select a template...blogger will ask you if you already want to create a post (or blog entry) and once you click the link... you will now be creating your first blog post. I suggest you make your first entry as an introduction page. Tell your readers about yourself and what you want to achieve in making your blog. Through this, readers would know more about you and what drive you to create your website.

You have to write actively on your blog, most paid blogging site doesnt accept blogs the has very few post and no traffic. To create traffic for your site, visit other blogs and comments, you can also link then in your blogroll and ask for exlinks. After a month or two, your blog should have a decent traffic already and most paid blogging site will approve your blogs. Here are some of the sites I joined, to earn that precious moolah. Click on the images to to register.

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Another way to earn moolah, write reviews!

looks like the image link is not working, so here is the link for you to join in!


chris said...

hello! what happens next? i have been blogging for 2 months or so... what do you advise i do next?


Hi Chris I edited, my post already. You can just click on the banners and adbox to go directly to the paid blogging sites. Register and start earning as soon as you get approve. Goodluck!

Send me messages or comments again if you have more questions.

Chris said...

well, i have recently bought my domain so ihave to start from zero again. i stil hvae no rankings or popularity... so far, i havent been able to earn anything yet. as of now, i have joined some paid blogging sites but no opps yet. hopefully by early next year, ill be able to start earning...

Sherry said...

there is not much earning for me there. :(

Sherry said...

ISP too slow so can't grab the opps

Chris said...

hi... what other sites did you join to earn?