Sunday, November 16, 2008

Kikay Weekend

Have you ever wondered, what other bonding activities can you do with your daughter. This weekend we tried something really different. It wasn't planned at all. Its like spur of the moment. We went to Mall of Asia, first to go to the PhilConstruct Exhibit. Don't worry I will not talk about that. I know it is a boring topic for moms who are not technical. Believ me, I didn't want to go either, and to think I am an architect. Somehow, being an architect is not who I am anymore, its ort of I can turn away from all of it, just to be a mom. Being a mom is my chosen career for now. (But this is for another post) going back to the story. So after, the exhibit we went to SM Mall of Asia.

We first went to look for a new bed, and before that I had to buy little J some chocholates just to make her stop crying. She's crying because she wants papa (granpa) to come malling with us, but he had to stay in the exhibit. She found a bed she liked, stopped there for a while, me-melk moment. Then, we stopped in the toys section and little j tried out the vtech learning system After hundreds of games, I finally managed to leave the game and go for lunch. We ate at Kenny Rogers, and oh boy, little J liked it. She had 1 1/2 cups of rice, tons of gravy. Really eating with gusto, she loved the gravy and chicken. Then we went back to Depatmen store, while I fill up the forms for internet connection. Little J fitted for shoes. She loves shoes. Unfortunately, we dont like to buy her another one. Mama just bought her new crocs while she was busy playing with the game a few minutes ago. So we told her that there is no size available for her, which is true. So, she ended up crying. I really dont want to ruin our day, because of that. As we rode the escalator down, a quickly thought of making her try some lipstick from those make up stations, just to make her stop crying.

I sat her on those cute bar stool and the saleslady understood exactly what I trying to do as I wipe tears from her face. I didnt even instruct her to do it. She immediately gave little J a make over, just a little blush on, lipstick and sprinkle of bronser. That sis it, she stopped crying and slowly smiled when she saw herself on the mirror. After the make up make over, the enxt station to it is a promo booth for curling/flattening hair iron. So I put her there next and the propmo girl curled her hair. She is so beautiful, the sales ladies are having fun and the shoppers are taking notice too. Most stop and look at her, smiling, whispering sometimes outloud. So cute, so beautiful, pretty baby! It was instant ads for the booths, instant model. Shoppers took notice, little J is getting all the attention and she's loving it.

I really hope I can post the pics here, but my laptops bluetooth is acting crazy I cant transfer the photos from my cellphone. I'll do somthing about it and post the pics soon.

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helow helow. kikay ni tag kita.