Monday, November 24, 2008

What if your ex says...

I got this very interesting tag from Vannie, as soon as I saw the title I got so intrigue already.. So here are my answers...This may sound very heartfelt, but true..

He says...Why did you let me go?
:::I didn't, you did. And if it appears to you that I did, it's maybe because I thought you are not worth it. I still don't know if I am right about that, sometime I still wonder what if I stuck with you.. but then again, i think it turned out better this way:::

He says...Can I win you back?
:::Oh yes, definitely, but be sure that you are 100% sure about that, and will take me and our daughter with all the responsiblities that come with it. For better or for worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health... So help me God! LOL!:::

He says...But I am very much happy with you back then.
::: Yes I know, I was too. To bad you chickened out, you could have experienced the wonderful feeling of being a dad to our daughter. You are missing a lot!:::

He says...I still love you.
:::Really? So why all this happened?! I've waited for years to hear that, and I thought I would say the same thing. But I'm just not sure anymore, I am happy now, we are happy now, me and your daughter, even if I do love you still, I am sad to say that I dont need you anymore!:::

He says...When did we last talk?
::: A year ago, when you first met your daughter, dont worry she doesn't remember you anymore and I intend to keep it that way:::

He says...Can you go out with me?
::: Yes, I'd love to, its nice to have a chat of what have you been up to all these years. I bet you are so busy with your life, too busy not to see our kid:::

He says...Hey,can i give you/ask for a ride?
::: No thank you, I am perfectly capable myself.:::

He says...Were you able to move on?
::: I am not sure, maybe not yet.. but I will. As I've said I am happy now, I still love you, but I am happy without you:::

He says...I regret losing you.
::: You should! I am the only good thing that ever happend to you. I am pretty sure you will not end up like a worthless scum bag as you are now if you didn't lose me. So could have finished your studies and be called an Architect, just like me. With a lot of confidence and self worth:::

He says...My parents do not like you.
::: I dont think so.. your father practically begged me to take you back in hopes that I can turn your life around, but you are really stubborn and self righteous:::

He says...You have changed.
::: ....Yes, I've changed a lot. So much that I dont even know who I have become, all because of the trauma you have caused me, but nevertheless grateful that you gave me the best gift you can ever give my daughter:::

I am tagging Enchie, Aeirin, Sherry, Jes, and Chris, Dhadha

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-V said...

love your answers my dear, super honest..

and if u don't mind me saying, i'm proud u moved on...ur better off w/o him if he doesn't take responsibility of his life.


Enchie said...

ha!ha! interesting! thanks for the tag :)Let you know when I'm done :)