Thursday, November 13, 2008


Since I just talked about Ghost in my last post, let's talk about vampires now. In celebration of the movie Twilight, I got to see a preview last night when we watched Madagascar 2. I was reading earthly explorations blogs and this post about vampires caught my eye. One because, I just saw twilight trailer, Two because Brad Pitt is on the pictures. She was asking, if we were to choose who will bite me, I'll take Brad Pitt. I didn't realize that most vampires were played by gorgeus actors, such as Brad Pitt. Visit earthlyexplorations to find out who are the others as good looking as Brad that took the part of a Vampire.

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earthlingorgeous said...

Yeah most vampires in movies were played by gorgeous male that I always like watching them and be biten! Hahahaha!

But yeah Brad Pitt tops the list! I personally would like Scott Speedman though.

Marites said...

my top vampire is Tom Cruise then Brad Pitt and then, Scott Speedman. Am curious with the Twilight movie as based on the book, the protagonist is the best looking vampire of all vampires.