Friday, November 21, 2008

Feeling Like Santa

I hosted a giveaway in my other site sweetytots last month and it was very successful, a lot commented and joined. It is exactly what I wanted to achieve. With the success of the first giveaway, I was inspired to give another one, that's why I am hosting another giveaway for the month of December. This time, its even better,I am giving out 1 month membership in anexclusive creative play school Kids Ahoy. With Kids Ahoy, the kids will learn to sing, dance, act, paint, draw, cook, photography, and even climb trees. This time I am not just offering a material gift but more so, I am giving away en experience, a fun filled activity for your kids. I'm feeling like Santa, I should wear a Santa Suit now. No, I'll rather give it for my dad to wear as costume for Christmas. I am really inspired to give more gifts. I love gift giving, specially in this time of the year. That's why Im thinking of giving another giveaway, for this site sweet..pretty..naughty. This site is my first baby, and this site was the one that introduced me to the wonderful world of blogging. Inspired with the success of my first giveaway, I would like to give another toy from Come & Play. Im sure the kids will love it. Please coem back here to see my announcement and mechanics of my forecoming giveaway.

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