Friday, November 21, 2008

Premier Bar Stools for a Contemporay Home

I'm surfing the net looking for furnitures. Im particularly looking for a bar stools, for an interior design project. Im in the hunt for sleek, simple yet elegant counter stools when I stumbled on this site Priemere Barstools and I hit the jackpot with this one. Their designs are beautiful, sleek, simple, yet elegant. Exactly what I've been looking for. The best part is that they offer Free Shipping, and most of their items are on discount prices.I found it, the right item, the right design element for my project and is even a discount barstool. This is what I am purchasing for my client . This will lokk great in their breakfast room. The wood is exactly the same shade is their existing table. With some mood lights, the wood and leather will complement the whole interior.

White interior spaces are a commonplace, a custom a convenience. White is the chromatic base par excellence and this is what I have in mind. The project emphasixes the subtle differences between all the contrasting colors. I opted to put diffrent shades of white. Unlike the cold effect of minimalist white, the variations between these tones endow the dwelling warmth. The wood bar stools and black leather complements it.

The kitchen which is right beside the breakfast room, consist of an L-shaped unit thtat includes the sink and the stainless steel hood. With this project I'd like to show that a common, basic color as white is capable of endowing a space with character. The result as I envision it is a comfortable yet warm, an entirely contemporary home.

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