Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Win $25 from Goji Juice

Have you evr tried Goji Juice?. I tried it before when I was still staying in Laguna, my business partner offered it to me. I didnt like how it tasted, but she said its good for me. It has even cured a lot of sickness. I tried, but I wasn't able to stick to it, she swears that it helped her and her family.

What about you? What do think about Goji?

Bloggers…would you like to win $25? Just enter our bloggers contest and you might win $25 in cash!

How to enter our contest:

Make a post on your blog mentioning our contest. Include a link to this blog post. If your blog sends trackbacks, we’ll automatically get your entry. If your blog does not send trackbacks, just comment on this post to enter.

How to win:

On November 15th, we’ll choose the best contest entry to win $25 cash.


We reserve the right to reject any entry we deem inappropriate or low-quality. If you own multiple blogs, each blog may be entered. Bloggers from any country may enter. Prize will be paid via Paypal or Money Order.


Sherry said...

almost forgot about this.

Sherry said...

any idea who win the contest?

Sherry said...

have you drink goji juice before?

Sherry said...

I have check I didn't win.

Sherry said...

oh you didn't win too. :(