Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Pretty and Preggy

Have you heard of Beaute de Maman, I've heard a lot of good things about it, apparently its the Miracle Beauty product of a lot of hollywood celebrities. No wonder they kept pretty all through out their preganancy and even after giving birth. On the first trimester of my pregnancy I had a lot of pimple breakouts, I thought I was just stress or something but later on I realized that I am having a lot of break outs because of the hormones acting up in my body which usually occurs during pregnancy. I could say that this is really a good product for women, I just wish I know about it back then. I stopped using my usual beaty products that time, in fear that it might affect the health of my baby. That would be another reason why I suddenly got all those acne problems. If only I have known about this, I should have looked a lot prettier those days.So for all those pregnant women out there order now.

I was depressed and ugly that time, that is why I don't have any pictures of me while I was pregnant, the reason why I skipped on one week of Mommy Moment. I think I have few shots, I got bored while waiting for Mama in that gasoline station so I took a few photos, but I erased it immediately becuase I really don't like how I looked. I think I am not that ugly, it's just that I am that sad and it shows on my pictures. That time we live in Laguna, just me and my mom. I will drive her to office and pick her up after. I would stay in the gasoline station until she comes. We pass by a village that is not crowded at all, I taught her how to drive that time. Remembering those times made me realize that I was not too sad, there are times that Mama and I had fun too, and that was the time that I got so close to my mom. Our life was peaceful that time, just the two of us, plus little J in my tummy. I would love to go back and live there, if only I can work there.


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