Wednesday, March 4, 2009


A motto(from the Italian for pledge, sentence; plural mottos or mottoes) is a phrase meant to formally describe the general motivation or intention of a social group or organization. A motto may be in any language, but Latin is the most used. The local language is usual in the mottos of governments.
source wikipedia

My daughter is having a "Moving Up" Ceremony on March 20. It is a very important momment for me and my daughter. She will be "graduating". She's in nursery and its not actually a graudation, but I am so damn proud of her. She has learned a lot of things, not just in academics but more so on social skills. She used to be a meak and shy little kid who wont let go of my hand
and get scared of every new face she sees. No she has conquered the Alpahbeth, Addition and Subtraction, she can read and is confident enough to do the cat walk on their United Nations Celebrations.

I am so excited for this event, and I am glad that the school prepares a lot for it too. They have yearbook, photobook, they will be wearing toga and my daughter is performing.

My problem is I have to come up with a motto to put on her yearbook. I was given a from by the teacher this morning for this. I have to fill up the questions:
Name of Pupil:
Mother's Name:
Father's Name:

Most of it are easy to answer except for the "Father's Name". I always leave it blank, not that I don't know who her father, of course I do, but from the time I was pregnant, I made a promise to my parents to not even mention his name. Her birth certifate says "unkown", and we specifically decided to do that. So that, he will not have any claims on her. You see if I write down his name on the birth certificate, i will have to go to him and ask him to sign to acknowledge the papers, I don't want to do that. If he does sign it, that means he has equal rights as I am, and I don't want to give him any right at all. My daughter is mine, all mine. I don't need him to acknowledge her, I don't need him to help me raise her. From that time on, I have decided that I will be the sole provider for little J, I'll give her everything she needs and try to give her everything she wants. I believe I have been successful doing this.

So for her yearbook, I will still not put any name on "Father's Name" I will just leave it blank, same as his existence in our life.

Wait, I don't want to leave the "Motto" blank too, do you have any suggestions? I dont know is I am going to put a serious quote on it or just a casual, funny one. I'd like it to sound like little J was the one who thought of it, something cute, something that a 3 year old would actually say.


Chris said...

time sure passes by so fast! well, maybe you can put something she always tells you... or her favorite line :) or from her favorite story?

Jes said...

hay naku.....hirap nmn magsalita....anu ba i co comment ko.....lagasan ntin ung tungkol sa Jea nlng ako congrats baby!!!! ang galing galing mo!!! =) and sa motto....naku ala ako motto in life ahahha pero magnda ung naisip mmo sumthing funny...ask mo dn sya if me idea sya =)
ako motto ko kasi "if you don't want to agonize, economize!" =)

Anonymous said...

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