Sunday, March 8, 2009

Call Abroad

My mom just got back from the US, she brought a lot of gifts for little J. So far she spent almost the whole night , last night calling all her friends and relatives via YupeePhone abroad to say thank you for giving her such a pleasant stay in the US. She is very lucky to have a lot friends and family there she didn't spend a dime. All her expenses are just for the plane fair, everything else was shouldered by her family and friends even her shopping loots. We have a month worth of groveries from them too, aside from teh gifts that they gave us. In fact they gave so much that we are still waiting for two boxes of good from them. They will be shipping that next week. Little J is so happy to see her granma, and also so happy to see her Baby Alive doll that poops. She is so amazed by it. The doll is so fun to play with, it takes, eats, sleeps and poop. We had a grand time last weekend playing with it.

I also used the YupeePhone to call my auntie abroad to say thank you and to ask her to buy another doll for little J, hopefully she can have it shipped next week too. Why do I want another doll? because I made a mistake of selling the other one to Jes. When I saw the Baby Alive goes Bye-bye, I want it too for little J.

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