Sunday, March 8, 2009

My real rank Shoot up when I lost my pagerank

I am not an expert on anything about the internet, in fact I am quite the opposite. All I know is a high pagerank can give me more opps and if I dont have a high pagerank I can try geeting a high real rank byt dropping a lot of ec. I losty my pagrank just last week, from PR2 I went back to PR0. I am also too lazy to do ec drops so I didnt expect that my Real Rank will go higher but to my surprise it did. At the time when I have a PR2 my Real Rank is at 2500 plus, now that I am a PR0 and I am not dropping EC's at all my Real rank is at 300. Such a huge jump from before, I am so happy about it of course, but I am just curious how to they come up with this ranking. Does anybody know?


Sherry said...

hi sweetytots I am not sure about the realrank.

I hope you can join Makoy contest

hopefully you can mention referral as me. I am trying to earn referral points.

oh the popart that I won I have no time to find pic, hopefully can send to you soon.

Chris said...

hello !

how do you get the real rank? id like to know mine..

sweetytots said...

Hi chris, Real rank can be seen in ppp, just click on myblogs and that will show your real rank.. you should aim for 0.