Thursday, March 26, 2009

Bogus Buyer Beware!

Bogus Buyer Beware!


Sorry if I am blogging about a ranting. I am just pissed off with this BOGUS buyer, Seller on Multiply. She pm'd me about the books I am selling. I answered her questions and even promised to give an extra gift when she order. She asked me about the flip flap letters and the amazing life cycles. She was always in a hurry when she ask the prices and all, requesting for a prompt reply and I answered her questions as soon as I can. She confirmed that she is getting 2 flip flap letters and 4 amazing life cycles, I always asked her to fill up the order form but she didn't. I thought she was still making up her mind on which ones to get. It is fine with me that she didn;t get the books. What I am disappointed is that after a few days from her queries, she post in her multiply site that she is also selling the books.The same books that I am selling. I think she just asked me about the books to compare prices. So that she knows how much to charge for the items. It fine with me, I myself ask a fellow multiply seller about her books, but I disclosed to her from he very start that I am planning to sell it too. She answered my questions and even gave me advice on what courier to use. I would have been as nice to her if she only told me that she is planning to sell too. I felt deceived and fooled. I don;'t earn that much from the books its doesn't even make up 1% of my whole income. Its just that I joined in to get the discounts if your a member and I use that to purchase books for little J. I posted it in my blogs and a few people got interested and ordered so why not sell it online right? The money is not the issue here, as I've said I don't earn much from it, and don't care if she didn't buy the books what really gets into my nerves is she fooled me.

Too bad, I really liked some her stuff too and considered buying from her, but not anymore. If her character is to judge I don't think that I can trust her anymore, much more buy her products. SO I am calling all my blogger friends and warn all of you not to buy or deal with her.


To Visit My said...

your blog is feel good......

sweetytots said...

Please don't visit the site of the first commentator. Im sorry to have approved her comment. It is not a good site and commercialize porn. I really have not approved the comment, I didn't know. I just approve all comments that doens't have offending comments, what I didnt know is the site that links to her is so offending.

sweetytots said...

hope somebody can teach me how to disapprove her comment. I dont want her site linking to mine. Please help!