Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Mommy Stalker!

I so love my daughter's school Kidddo Academy, I was watching her at school, while Im in the office(yes I can watch her from the office by goign to their site on the internet). At first, I was shocked to see the teachers just chatting with eachother, and the kids playing. I thought what the heck are they doing? Their suppose to teach the kids! You see my daughter is in school 8 hours a day. Full day, from 8-5pm. She's 3 years old, I specifically chose that schedule because I am the one who brings her to school and fetch her too, so she has to be in school the whole time I'm in the office. To continue on my story, I was getting mad because I thought the teachers don't teach the kids in the afternoon. There are only two of them left, 2 kids little J and Sasha, and there are 2 teachers too. So its a 1 on 1 ration which is very good. So I just watched them, I told myself it is ok if they just play in the afternoon children learn thru play too and the teachers are very so I'll let it pass. But at exactly 3pm, the teachers stop chatting and called the 2 kids to sit. They went to teach the 2 kids. She first started to introduce to them their lesson, then she called the kids to the whiteboard and asked them to write the letters. They have a seatwork afterwards.

I love this school, they really do their job, apparently it was snack time, thats why the kids are allowed to play and the teachers just chat. They do their work, and the kids love the lessons and kids love the teachers as well. I was just over reacting.. haha.


Twinkie said...

Wow! This is really new to me. The concept is really cool although I hope you log in with a password before you could watch them.

And did I read it right? Full time schooling for a three year old? That's something new to me too. Well, if it works for you that's all that matters. ;)

sweetytots said...

Yes Twinkie, its a full day, but just 3 times a week. I think it works better for us, instead letting her stay with the yaya all day, and yes I have to log-in a password first before I get to see the cctv. Thanks for visiting.