Thursday, March 5, 2009

Francis Magalona dead..

Francis Magalona, the Pinoy rapper icon died today according to I'm sure a lot of people are saddend by this news, he is an icon in the Philippine music industry creating legendary hits such as "Mga Kababayan Ko". I still know the lyrics by heart, it was such a hit back then, I think I was in elemtary all kids sing that song. It's the first ever rap to go big in the Philippines. That time, rap was so new, and some old fashion parents look at it as "bad influence" to kids but when Francis M released "Mga Kababayan Ko" is changed all the wrong perspectives of Old fashioned Filipinos about rap.

It was a battle well fought and he will surely be remembered by Filipinos, he touched most of our lives, his songs is part of my childhood and he will forever be remembered.

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