Sunday, March 1, 2009

J and J Adventure- Kids Ahoy Music & Arts Festival

It took a while before I started writing this post. I really want to grab the photos from Kids Ahoy, but I don't know what's wrong only the thumbnails shows up, can't grab the picture, I waited the whole day for it to load. Well, let me just tell you what happend and upload my own pics later.

I am both excited and scared for the Kids Ahoy Music Festival because I joined as an exhibitor, selling products from Sweetytots-Booksale. We are so early, I think we are already there before 8am. I pretty much came prepared. I have my own table, and display rack. I brought 6 boxes of books, I didn't know it was a lot until I layed it all on that table and I can't fit them for display, I had to use the boxes to add some display space. It is my first time to join a bazzar, and I didn't know what to expect. !!!! I hoped for good sales of course but towards half of the day I realized I am not going to get that. By pass lunch time, I still hasn't made any sale yet, other than the finger puppets bought by Teacher A, and the Human Body Activity set bought by the Papae clay exhibitor. Too sad very few came to the event. There are new faces who came it but, I just can't understand why the parents wont buy booksThe kids are looking at my stuff and some are actually reading them already. Lots of kids go to my booth and looked at the books, they really liked it, it shows on their faces how they like those books, I just can't understand why the parents wont buy them. I am just sad that it is the parents that doesnt give imporatance to books. They prefer toys rather than books, urgh!!!

Well, enough for my ranting. I wasn't successful as an entremom, but I belive I was successful as a mom, just by bringing little J tp Kids Ahoy. So eventhough I didn't earn a lot of money, I am still so happy for being there. Towards the end of the event, I didn't even bother looking at my booth, I just enjoyed my time in Kids Ahoy. I think I might have spent more than what I earned but I still had lots of fun.
Little J enjoyed the sand box. She love it so much. They are allowed to be kids and get dirty. They played ran, and threw sand, make volcanos and all. She also love her new found best friend Yona. She kept on asking me if she can give a gift to her, first the coloring book, then the pens, then the headband. I brought a lot of freebies, and since very few bought books, I just gave it out to Yona. Little J spent the whole time playing with her, in the sand box, under the tent, taking photos and playing with her video game. I discovered a lot of precious pictures of Yona in little J's "Psp fake"..

It is obvious that little J had so much fun in the sand box, just by the look of her head, she brought home a lot of sand in her hair. I like the nature keepers class too, I'll talk to little J that she has to join the next Nature keepers class. We accomplished a lot that day, little J is more independent now. She joind and participates in class, not he arm hanging very shy little girl when we first went to Kids Ahoy. Even Teacher A and Mommy J are so happy with her accomplishments. I am so proud of little J

She was so serouis on watching the ballroom dancing presentation, when we got home she asked me if I can teach her to dance like that. Although I didn't earn much on this bazaar, I am so glad for being there. I got to meet other proactive moms and saw their wonderful products. I particularly like Kids Juke Box and Loot Fairy, of course Posh Baby's items too. I inittally reserved "Boots" plush toy for little as a partner for Dora, but she like the talking Dora instead. I ordered a few more items from loot fairy today, and I am saving for the Music CD from Kids Juke Box. I think it cost about 600, so that's for a special occasion, maybe for her birthday!


Enchie said...

wow mommy! ang dami mong books pala. SHould have gone there. Hindi natuloy trip namin out of town e.thats a nice business you have, later on join book clubs para pati mga bookfairs sali ka na din ;)

BK said...

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