Monday, March 16, 2009

The First Year Photobook

I know I should be doing my work right now, I still need to finish the working drawings for the Derm Clinic that I am working on, but I am making a photobook instead. I am really thankful to be able to close a deal, this boost my career as an architect and maybe earn some refferal too. The money to be earned is s big surprise, something that I didn't expect which will go directly to little J's savings account.

You can also order your own Photobook from Artscow, here are some codes that will make you save a lot, and when I say a lot I mean a lot. A 20 page Photobook from this site cost less than half of what it will cost you if you order from Photo shops here. So here are the codes and enjoy making your Photobook.

Here are the coupon codes for 8" x 8" Photo Book (30 pages) for Checkout use.

ZJRQT6G Apr/30/2009
ZSKEMDR Apr/30/2009
ZCFETPR Apr/30/2009
ZETWGKB Apr/30/2009
ZAPR1J9 Apr/30/2009
ZEU626R Apr/30/2009
ZQTZZSJ Apr/30/2009
ZZH3936 Apr/30/2009
ZPUXXRZ Apr/30/2009
ZEM62XM Apr/30/2009


Jes said...

hi member n ko ng artscow....tpos nagpadala k pa sakin ng invitation....pede ko p dn kaya ma avail ang mga free n yan if ever??? =)

Jes said...

dito ka n amismo gumawa nito sa artscow? kasi ako sa scrapbook flair...ask ko lng sana panu gagawin ung hal page 2 and 3 isang palaking picture ilalagay ko???? panu kaya un? sa ibang photobook kasi me gnun eh =)

Jes said...

hi me tag ako sau!!! =)

Jes said...

ei isa p ko award sayu ehhehe =)

Jes said...

hi thnks sa coupon mo hehe nagamit ko yung 2nd coupon ehehe =)