Thursday, March 19, 2009

To be or not to be, that is the Question.

I already shared to you about the situation of our company, because of the recession all over the world our company has endured a tremendous blow. Our main clients are the architectural firms from Dubai, but saddly even them has to either lay off some employees, stop construction or close down the company all together. We are a direct hit of the recession, we have been surfing the net for 3 months already, because we don't have anything else to do. We don't get projects at all for months, because of this my boss has already layed off at least 6 employees. I am one of the lucky ones, he believed so much in me that her recommended me to the other company. This other company is really a good one, its the number one Architectural firm in the country, which most "Archi-grad" dreams of getting into. I should be really happy, I should really be greatful, with the confidence that my boss has in me.

I know its a good opportunity for me, its really good for my career, but career is not my top priority. My first and foremost priority is my daughter little J. If I accepted that offer of transfering to the "firm", I know that I will spend very little time with her, I'll be working day and night, weekends and holidays and I really don't want that.

This is my option, I can go freelance and go into private practice. It was an option before but I tend to side to this option moreso now. Why? because I am so blessed, I just closed a Project last week and I will be able to submit the plans next week, which will give me an instant 20K fund for little J saving. I thought I just got lucky, but I am even more luckier now. I just got a new Project that will not only make me earn 20K instantly, but if this works out I will earn 20K every 2 weeks. That doesn't end there, my previous partner just contacted me this afternoon and told me a really good news, my design for an 8 story building intended for another project years ago will probably be used for a new project. The client liked my design that her wanted it for his project, with this one I can easily earn 500K. Of course, this is not sure unless I got the money already, but I was thinking, can this be a sign that I should go on my own now? Let go of the offer of joining a top notch archi-firm? Take the risk of starting out my own? I will meet with my previous partner on Monday, and if he can give me the assurance of pushing thru with the 8-storey project. I will really take the risk of resigning, but then again, I don't trust him that much anymore.

I hope and pray that God will give me a sign of what should I do. Should I let go of the offer of a life time, the sure shot to a better career? Or should I take the riskier option of putting up my own firm, less stable but a lot more fulfilling, not to mention I can still spend more time with little J for our J and J Adventures.

What do you think guys? If you're in my position, what would you do?


Chris said...

i hope you get to decide soon... if i were you, i probably would go with my own firm... :)but of course, it really depends on you :)

i have an award for you at

Carlos said...

wow!!! galing! nakausap ko si allan....nag kasundo n b kayu? sabi nya kasi hes waiting for your quotation.....he's my client and my hubby's friends here in malabon dn...sana magkasundo kayu at ng me mapala nmna ko ahahahh! =0 have anice day@!!!!

Jes said...

ehehehe husband ko pla naka log in hehehhe =) ako ung nag msg sayu na carlos nme ha =)