Thursday, March 19, 2009

A different take on recession

I have another view on the recession, its true that more and Filipinos are losing jobs. More and more companies are closing down, they say its going to hit our economy and bring it down further than we though it would, but I am thinking otherwise. I for one has started a new buisness the, I am also more challenge to looks for projects now because of the on set recession, and I am happy that I've been very blessed. My online buisness is now earning, I am getting new projects and my savings are intact and growing more and more. So why am I saying all these? Because I believe in the perseverance of the Filipinos, we will not just falter to this recession, in fact I believe we have all the initiative now to earn therefore giving as the confidence to start our own buisness. I believe this recession will even be good to our nation. The people who lose their job often times start a little buisness rather than look for another job. That is what I am planning to do, and I believe more and more people are thinking of the same thing. Starting small to medium size enterprise will uplift our economy, thus making the recession as a blessing in disguise. There are a lot of things we can venture on, most are easily accessible, just like the viedo tutorials I found on the net. Some can put up a spa, which is such a good buisness during recession. Statistics say that the spas and salon earn more during this tough times, mainly because people wants to feel pampered because of all the stress and sometimes depression. We can learn by watching a microdermabrasion dvd , there is also a chemical peel dvd. You can also learn from the face massage video . This are just some of the things that we can learn online, that may be our key to start our business. Visit it sometime and check what can you learn from it.

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