Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Back to Basic

Its only been 9 days since I transfered to the main office and I already rendered a total of 29hours Over Time. The only days that I left a early was Tuesday and Wednesday, the rest of the week I go home around 11pm. I even went back to the office on a Sunday and spend the whole day there. I am so tired, and honestly I don't think I should be doing that much over time. I miss little J so much. I don't get to see her anymore, she's already asleep when I get home and still asleep when I leave in the morning. Tonight as I went home, I texted my sister-in-law about little J, because she's in our home visiting little J. She said little J is looking for me and throwing tantrums already, maybe because she can't understand why I am still not home, she's asking for me and wont go to sleep. Nang Nang said she managed to distract her by reading storyboks, little J soon fell asleep. I cried, because IU should be the one doing that. I should be the one by her side. This is so hard for me, maybe even harder than what little J feels, but I had to go through this. I gave myself 6 months to weigh things out, now I want to shorten it to 3 months and decide if I am for this or not. As an architect I really need this experience, its a chance for me to learn the facets of my caree, and what better way for training than in the No.1 architectural firm in th country.

I did not plan my career well, or maybe I was just too lucky. I jumped, I didn't go through the phase of being a draftsman, of learning the little things. I started my job as a project coordinator and I am so blessed to be promoted so fast. At 27 years old, I already had experience as a Project architect for developer, as a Mall Architect for 4 Malls, as a Marketing Manager, a Project Management head and even put up my own construction company, but as I grow older, challenges change and I can't successfully fulfill my work if I don't know the little things. There are a lot of details that I don't know about, I don't even know how to Schedule a drawing production, much less layout which plans should have details, or blow-up. I realized I can't skip the ladder, I had to go back to the basic and I am lucky to be given an opportunity to do that. In this Architectural firm, my function is as low as a draftsman, the lowest step of the ladder, but I am still lcuky because what they didn't know is that my salary is as much as thier Project Architect, maybe even more. So this is really a good deal, my function, my resposnsibility is really low but the pay is high. I just have to swallow my pride. The other employees doesn't know that I am a licensed architect already, they don't know about my salary either. Some even make me feel stupid, because they only look at me as a draftsman, they get angry if I don't use the right text hieght. I really have to hold on to my nerves and stay calm. Deep inside in the real world, your client doesn't care whatever font you use, whatever height you use. What they care about is the substance of the work, they will not care if your pen assignment is 0.5 thiner that it should be. They will not care if your layout is 10mm off, they will not even see that it is not aligned well. In the real world, what matters is how well you plan, how well you design, in fact that may even be secondary if you market it well. If you are really good in presentations and how well you introduce and explain it to that client, they will not even understand about your concept our your schedule. This is what earns the money, this is what makes you survive. I saw that early on, maybe because I am more exposed to dealing with people, rather than staying in front of the computer 15 hours a day, doing drafting works. What they didn't know is to be able to be a successful architect, you should stop thinking of the drawing, but rather how to find projects so that you'll get to do the drawing. In fact, one sign that you are already half way to your success is when you totally stopped doing the drawing and pay somebody else to do that for you.

I know all this, and I realized all this early on. I really smart and straight foward lady talked to me about this and we instantly gained trust with eachother, she because she is happy to know that I understand all this. She further congratulated me that I have an open my mind and well defined vision to actually saw this, she believe that I will make it big in this career. She's a marketing person and she aknowledge that I recognized the power of marketing in the field of architecture, she said that I have my mind on the right track. We both agreed to one thing though, that as a technical person which is the core of being an architect I am still very raw. She is right, and I know that too, that's why I made my way in to going back to the lowest level to relearn everything. I have to remind myself that it is just a character I am playing, that I am a draftsman, I need too do that. If not, I will eaither lose confidence or just flare up and just leave the company. I can just get my own projects and earn twice as much with half the effort but I have to do this. I have to go back to basic and relearn things,
tiis, tiis lang
. I need this, I will bever succeed as an architect if I don't understand the basic.
Wish me luck blogger friends. I will not be present online most of the time and I will not be able to drop ec anymore, but I still visit hyour blogs every night. Sorry, if I don't leave much comments. Hope you still pay me a visit.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Mommy Moments Summer Outing

We always go out of town, almost every month and we always check in the hotel, even fif we are just here in Manila so I have a lot of simming shots of little J, but these are my favorite shots of her. Taken when she was jsut 2 years old in Subic, her first beach experience.

for my other Mommy moment entry and more pictures please visit sweetytots

mommy moments

Bogus Buyer Beware!

Bogus Buyer Beware!


Sorry if I am blogging about a ranting. I am just pissed off with this BOGUS buyer, Seller on Multiply. She pm'd me about the books I am selling. I answered her questions and even promised to give an extra gift when she order. She asked me about the flip flap letters and the amazing life cycles. She was always in a hurry when she ask the prices and all, requesting for a prompt reply and I answered her questions as soon as I can. She confirmed that she is getting 2 flip flap letters and 4 amazing life cycles, I always asked her to fill up the order form but she didn't. I thought she was still making up her mind on which ones to get. It is fine with me that she didn;t get the books. What I am disappointed is that after a few days from her queries, she post in her multiply site that she is also selling the books.The same books that I am selling. I think she just asked me about the books to compare prices. So that she knows how much to charge for the items. It fine with me, I myself ask a fellow multiply seller about her books, but I disclosed to her from he very start that I am planning to sell it too. She answered my questions and even gave me advice on what courier to use. I would have been as nice to her if she only told me that she is planning to sell too. I felt deceived and fooled. I don;'t earn that much from the books its doesn't even make up 1% of my whole income. Its just that I joined in to get the discounts if your a member and I use that to purchase books for little J. I posted it in my blogs and a few people got interested and ordered so why not sell it online right? The money is not the issue here, as I've said I don't earn much from it, and don't care if she didn't buy the books what really gets into my nerves is she fooled me.

Too bad, I really liked some her stuff too and considered buying from her, but not anymore. If her character is to judge I don't think that I can trust her anymore, much more buy her products. SO I am calling all my blogger friends and warn all of you not to buy or deal with her.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Missing Blogging

Hi friends, hope you are still visitng my site. I am so busy, and I can't find time to blog. I only had 3 hours of sleep every night, that started last week. I am dead tired and I am still accepting new projects. Hopefully I'll get to do that too. I haven't talked to them yet, but accourding to my client its a 120sqm space for Planet Sports and Ministop. I am so familiar with retail shops, because I used to be a Mall Architect for Robinsons so I am so familiar with all their guidelines, what height, what material to use, what will be the best layout and look that will be so inviting and charming so that the shoppers go in. Hopefully I'll get to do this project too. I am also waiting for the reply for one of my proposal for residential project, hope I get that too. I know, some of you may think, am I killing myself? Hopefully not, I am just building the foundation, hopefully if I stablished that really well I can get to quit my day job and focus on my own Architectural firm.

A few things about little J, she is stock at home, mainly becuase I am too busy to look for summer school for her. I want to enroll her to Kids Ahoy, buy I still can't find time. I also inquired for ballet class, but the scheduled there is just impossible for me to squeeze in. We will be going to a Resort this weekend to celebrate Mama's birthday. Hopefully I can get to enjoy there and not work.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Moving up

I was looking forward to this momentous event, my one year of hardwork paid off. Little J is moving up, the first year of school is done she is now reaping the rewards of her hardwork. She got a diploma and 2 medals for it. She got the Most Outstandin Student, becuase of her Straight A's, Best in Computer and Most Self-Reliant Award.

I was in school the day before with her to accompany her for their Dental check up, she was very brave and volunteered to be the first one. (I'll write another post for this), I was also able to watch her as they practiced for their graduation rights for the next day. She sang the "Lupang Hinirang" then joined the class for their presentation. She also danced along with the other kids on their presentation. I am glad to view this because little did I know that she will not perform the next day for their "moving up". She throw tantrums the moment we put her toga on. She cried endlessly, which made me cry too because of frustration. I was really mad at my father too, because of his foul remarks. I wish I didn't invite him at all, he ruined the day, he ruined the occasion. I learned my lesson and will never invite him again.

Good thing, by the time of recieving of awards she stopped crying and smiled for the camera. She was all lively and all smiles too after that, we figure that she was just crying becuase it was too hot in the venue. MOst of the kids are crying and uneasy because of that, as usual it was a riot. As soon as she got called on stage and got all her medals I brought her outside the very, to get some fresh air. Took of her toga and cap, then she was jolly again, she just hated the toga. She smiled and played around again, going to and fro our seat, getting her gifts for her classmates.

After the ceremonies, we went to Rockwell to eat our dinner. We opt to have our dinner at healthy Shabu Shabu, and my father did it gain, spoiled our night with his not so nice remarks. He suggested to eat chinese food at Mongkok and I said NO. We always eat dinner, I want to eat somewhere else, its a special occasion anyway and I am willing to splurge a little to celebrate. You know what he said? He said, "Kung hindi tyo dun kakain, aalis na lang ako!". In my mind, go ahead, we don;t need you anyway, and who are you to dictate where to go, its our celebration, its my money I should be the one to decide. Go and leave, you are just ruining our night. Of course, I didn't say that, I wish I could. SO I said let's just go to Shabu-shabu, it a lot more expensive about 3 times much more than what I would pay in Mongkok, but its ok little J had fun cooking. We are so full, that we took home a lot of food, and my father was saying "Sarap dito!" every 10 minutes. I really wanted to say, "see? I told you so!"


Thursday, March 19, 2009

A different take on recession

I have another view on the recession, its true that more and Filipinos are losing jobs. More and more companies are closing down, they say its going to hit our economy and bring it down further than we though it would, but I am thinking otherwise. I for one has started a new buisness the, I am also more challenge to looks for projects now because of the on set recession, and I am happy that I've been very blessed. My online buisness is now earning, I am getting new projects and my savings are intact and growing more and more. So why am I saying all these? Because I believe in the perseverance of the Filipinos, we will not just falter to this recession, in fact I believe we have all the initiative now to earn therefore giving as the confidence to start our own buisness. I believe this recession will even be good to our nation. The people who lose their job often times start a little buisness rather than look for another job. That is what I am planning to do, and I believe more and more people are thinking of the same thing. Starting small to medium size enterprise will uplift our economy, thus making the recession as a blessing in disguise. There are a lot of things we can venture on, most are easily accessible, just like the viedo tutorials I found on the net. Some can put up a spa, which is such a good buisness during recession. Statistics say that the spas and salon earn more during this tough times, mainly because people wants to feel pampered because of all the stress and sometimes depression. We can learn by watching a microdermabrasion dvd , there is also a chemical peel dvd. You can also learn from the face massage video . This are just some of the things that we can learn online, that may be our key to start our business. Visit it sometime and check what can you learn from it.

To be or not to be, that is the Question.

I already shared to you about the situation of our company, because of the recession all over the world our company has endured a tremendous blow. Our main clients are the architectural firms from Dubai, but saddly even them has to either lay off some employees, stop construction or close down the company all together. We are a direct hit of the recession, we have been surfing the net for 3 months already, because we don't have anything else to do. We don't get projects at all for months, because of this my boss has already layed off at least 6 employees. I am one of the lucky ones, he believed so much in me that her recommended me to the other company. This other company is really a good one, its the number one Architectural firm in the country, which most "Archi-grad" dreams of getting into. I should be really happy, I should really be greatful, with the confidence that my boss has in me.

I know its a good opportunity for me, its really good for my career, but career is not my top priority. My first and foremost priority is my daughter little J. If I accepted that offer of transfering to the "firm", I know that I will spend very little time with her, I'll be working day and night, weekends and holidays and I really don't want that.

This is my option, I can go freelance and go into private practice. It was an option before but I tend to side to this option moreso now. Why? because I am so blessed, I just closed a Project last week and I will be able to submit the plans next week, which will give me an instant 20K fund for little J saving. I thought I just got lucky, but I am even more luckier now. I just got a new Project that will not only make me earn 20K instantly, but if this works out I will earn 20K every 2 weeks. That doesn't end there, my previous partner just contacted me this afternoon and told me a really good news, my design for an 8 story building intended for another project years ago will probably be used for a new project. The client liked my design that her wanted it for his project, with this one I can easily earn 500K. Of course, this is not sure unless I got the money already, but I was thinking, can this be a sign that I should go on my own now? Let go of the offer of joining a top notch archi-firm? Take the risk of starting out my own? I will meet with my previous partner on Monday, and if he can give me the assurance of pushing thru with the 8-storey project. I will really take the risk of resigning, but then again, I don't trust him that much anymore.

I hope and pray that God will give me a sign of what should I do. Should I let go of the offer of a life time, the sure shot to a better career? Or should I take the riskier option of putting up my own firm, less stable but a lot more fulfilling, not to mention I can still spend more time with little J for our J and J Adventures.

What do you think guys? If you're in my position, what would you do?

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Bakunado ka na ba?

Summer is here, that means vacation time for the kids. No classes for 2 months, they can play all day long. Most kids like to play outside, on the streets with all the other kids on vacation. This may be so fun for the kids but I must admit as a mom I am scared to let little J go playing outside. She might get virus that can cause her to be sick. Summer is also synonimous to a lot of sickness, measles, chicken pox and flu. I am so greatful to be part of Nuffnangs Flu awarness event, with the help of Sanofi Pasteur, both of us got a free flu vaccine. I can calm down now and turn off my Paranoia button. I am now glad that me and my daughter is protected with the vaccine. She can play all day, without me getting so worried.

This is the first bloggers event that I joined, it is Saturday and the location is right accross Tiendesitas and Fun Ranch, so I figured we can go to Fan Ranch afterwards and spend the afternoon bonding with little J for another J&J adventures. We we're the first to arrive, so I set up all of little J's paraphernalia. Everything that can make her busy, in case she gets bored. I brought coloring book, game gadget and the laptop. I have my whole complete gear on.

I am so glad to join the event, not only did I got a free vaccine but I also learned a lot about flu. I am so happy to meet the bloggers too, I met teacher Julie, Imom, Cess, Sassy mom and even Aeirin.

People who need to get the shot.
Any person who desires to reduce the likelihood of becoming ill with influenza
Children 6-59 months 4
Adults and children with risk factors:
Chronic cardiovascular disease (e.g. congestive heart failure, hypertensive cardiovascular disease, valvular heart disease, rheumatic heart disease, stroke
Chronic lung disease (e.g. COPD, asthma, bronchiectasis, malignancies, chronic PTB)
Chronic metabolic disease ( diabetes)
Chronic renal dysfunction
Children and adolescents who are receiving long term aspirin therapy
Immunosuppressed or those with weakened immune system
Residents of nursing homes and chronic care facilities
Pregnant women on their 2nd and 3rd trimester who have not received their vaccine within the last 12 months
Persons who can transmit influenza to those at risk: health care workers and other personnel of out patient care settings, hospitals, nursing homes, and chronic care facilities; Household contacts and caregivers of person at risk
Persons who provide essential and emergency community services, students and other persons in institutional settings

Monday, March 16, 2009

The First Year Photobook

I know I should be doing my work right now, I still need to finish the working drawings for the Derm Clinic that I am working on, but I am making a photobook instead. I am really thankful to be able to close a deal, this boost my career as an architect and maybe earn some refferal too. The money to be earned is s big surprise, something that I didn't expect which will go directly to little J's savings account.

You can also order your own Photobook from Artscow, here are some codes that will make you save a lot, and when I say a lot I mean a lot. A 20 page Photobook from this site cost less than half of what it will cost you if you order from Photo shops here. So here are the codes and enjoy making your Photobook.

Here are the coupon codes for 8" x 8" Photo Book (30 pages) for Checkout use.

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Monday, March 9, 2009

Sunday, March 8, 2009

I almost auditioned for PBB

I was suppose to go there this afternoon, it's my audition date. Haha, I'm not kidding I actually texted to join, and I recieve a text from them,
"Sbi ni Kuya, audition ka na! Punta sa PDA ConcertHall, EugenioLopezDrve, QC sa March 9, 1PM. dumating sa takdang oras. Present dsMsg n valid Id.Ds msg s FREE"
Why is you may ask, well here is a list of why I should join.

1. I am so fed up with my life and joining PBB will take me away (temporarily) from all the wickedness/foolishness/chaos at home.
2. I don't know my self anymore, since having little J, and all the drama/trauma that I went through. I went straight to being mom/dad, provider/ yaya and all. Didn't had time to reflect or recover from all of it. So I ended up like this, somebody that is empty, lonely, always angry.
3. I have changed a lot and lost my confidence,I believe I've lost myself in the process too. I am hoping, new things, new surroundings and competition can give back my confidence in myself.
4. I don't want to be a "used to be". When somebody ask me for a description of myself, I think I can say that "I used to be a jolly person, used to be goal oriented, used to be a ramp model, used to be an architect" I am still an architect by profession, but I don't feel that way anymore. I don't want to be a "used to be anymore" I want to be all the person I was and more.
5. I gained 50lbs since I had little J, I think I can lose all that inside the house since there is nothing better to do.
6. I want to win the new house, the money and the new car. I really want to move out now!

Honetly I think I have a good chance of getting in, mu life is as controversial at compliacated as their telesrye plot, it would me interesting to watch me on screen telling all this dramas about myself. I don't think had a prefessional(as an architect) go in the house, I mean all the hopeful particiapants are after the showbiz exposure, unlike me, na gusto ko lng maalayo sa family ko. and I think a will have a lot of support because of the bloggers. Bloggers are so powerful now adays do you agree? we are the first to release news and events going on in the Metro, right and bloggers has a solid support for any other blogger, I think.
I sound a bit desperate? or out of my mind, but I just really want to be away from my life right now and joing PBB can be a way to do that. I am just so sad, I hat how my family treats me, I hate who I have become and I just hate my life right now.

But sadly, I decided not to go, I plan to. But the Lord or circumstances just wont allow me. The time should be 1pm. So I went to little J's school and fetch her, its a good things that its their exam day so school is half day, I already filed for half day in the office but I just can't make it. At 12:45 we are still in Makati, there is now way I can make it to ABS by tme, so I decided to just go back to the office with little J.

So here I am in the office writing about this while little J is behind me playing online games.

My real rank Shoot up when I lost my pagerank

I am not an expert on anything about the internet, in fact I am quite the opposite. All I know is a high pagerank can give me more opps and if I dont have a high pagerank I can try geeting a high real rank byt dropping a lot of ec. I losty my pagrank just last week, from PR2 I went back to PR0. I am also too lazy to do ec drops so I didnt expect that my Real Rank will go higher but to my surprise it did. At the time when I have a PR2 my Real Rank is at 2500 plus, now that I am a PR0 and I am not dropping EC's at all my Real rank is at 300. Such a huge jump from before, I am so happy about it of course, but I am just curious how to they come up with this ranking. Does anybody know?

Call Abroad

My mom just got back from the US, she brought a lot of gifts for little J. So far she spent almost the whole night , last night calling all her friends and relatives via YupeePhone abroad to say thank you for giving her such a pleasant stay in the US. She is very lucky to have a lot friends and family there she didn't spend a dime. All her expenses are just for the plane fair, everything else was shouldered by her family and friends even her shopping loots. We have a month worth of groveries from them too, aside from teh gifts that they gave us. In fact they gave so much that we are still waiting for two boxes of good from them. They will be shipping that next week. Little J is so happy to see her granma, and also so happy to see her Baby Alive doll that poops. She is so amazed by it. The doll is so fun to play with, it takes, eats, sleeps and poop. We had a grand time last weekend playing with it.

I also used the YupeePhone to call my auntie abroad to say thank you and to ask her to buy another doll for little J, hopefully she can have it shipped next week too. Why do I want another doll? because I made a mistake of selling the other one to Jes. When I saw the Baby Alive goes Bye-bye, I want it too for little J.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Francis Magalona dead..

Francis Magalona, the Pinoy rapper icon died today according to I'm sure a lot of people are saddend by this news, he is an icon in the Philippine music industry creating legendary hits such as "Mga Kababayan Ko". I still know the lyrics by heart, it was such a hit back then, I think I was in elemtary all kids sing that song. It's the first ever rap to go big in the Philippines. That time, rap was so new, and some old fashion parents look at it as "bad influence" to kids but when Francis M released "Mga Kababayan Ko" is changed all the wrong perspectives of Old fashioned Filipinos about rap.

It was a battle well fought and he will surely be remembered by Filipinos, he touched most of our lives, his songs is part of my childhood and he will forever be remembered.

Mommy Moment- Bath Time

First Ever bath, a few days old.

ohh, diba? naka pose na?

mommy moments

Bath Time was scary for her at first. When she was an infant she always cry so loud, she will cry the whole time, while taking a bath, it was at 8 or 9 months that she finally accepted that she has to take a bath, so that she will not stink. By that time she learned to calm herself, and not cry then the hate turned to love.. After that she loves taking a bath, she loves the water, we often caught her playing with water.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Mommy Stalker!

I so love my daughter's school Kidddo Academy, I was watching her at school, while Im in the office(yes I can watch her from the office by goign to their site on the internet). At first, I was shocked to see the teachers just chatting with eachother, and the kids playing. I thought what the heck are they doing? Their suppose to teach the kids! You see my daughter is in school 8 hours a day. Full day, from 8-5pm. She's 3 years old, I specifically chose that schedule because I am the one who brings her to school and fetch her too, so she has to be in school the whole time I'm in the office. To continue on my story, I was getting mad because I thought the teachers don't teach the kids in the afternoon. There are only two of them left, 2 kids little J and Sasha, and there are 2 teachers too. So its a 1 on 1 ration which is very good. So I just watched them, I told myself it is ok if they just play in the afternoon children learn thru play too and the teachers are very so I'll let it pass. But at exactly 3pm, the teachers stop chatting and called the 2 kids to sit. They went to teach the 2 kids. She first started to introduce to them their lesson, then she called the kids to the whiteboard and asked them to write the letters. They have a seatwork afterwards.

I love this school, they really do their job, apparently it was snack time, thats why the kids are allowed to play and the teachers just chat. They do their work, and the kids love the lessons and kids love the teachers as well. I was just over reacting.. haha.

Pretty and Preggy

Have you heard of Beaute de Maman, I've heard a lot of good things about it, apparently its the Miracle Beauty product of a lot of hollywood celebrities. No wonder they kept pretty all through out their preganancy and even after giving birth. On the first trimester of my pregnancy I had a lot of pimple breakouts, I thought I was just stress or something but later on I realized that I am having a lot of break outs because of the hormones acting up in my body which usually occurs during pregnancy. I could say that this is really a good product for women, I just wish I know about it back then. I stopped using my usual beaty products that time, in fear that it might affect the health of my baby. That would be another reason why I suddenly got all those acne problems. If only I have known about this, I should have looked a lot prettier those days.So for all those pregnant women out there order now.

I was depressed and ugly that time, that is why I don't have any pictures of me while I was pregnant, the reason why I skipped on one week of Mommy Moment. I think I have few shots, I got bored while waiting for Mama in that gasoline station so I took a few photos, but I erased it immediately becuase I really don't like how I looked. I think I am not that ugly, it's just that I am that sad and it shows on my pictures. That time we live in Laguna, just me and my mom. I will drive her to office and pick her up after. I would stay in the gasoline station until she comes. We pass by a village that is not crowded at all, I taught her how to drive that time. Remembering those times made me realize that I was not too sad, there are times that Mama and I had fun too, and that was the time that I got so close to my mom. Our life was peaceful that time, just the two of us, plus little J in my tummy. I would love to go back and live there, if only I can work there.



A motto(from the Italian for pledge, sentence; plural mottos or mottoes) is a phrase meant to formally describe the general motivation or intention of a social group or organization. A motto may be in any language, but Latin is the most used. The local language is usual in the mottos of governments.
source wikipedia

My daughter is having a "Moving Up" Ceremony on March 20. It is a very important momment for me and my daughter. She will be "graduating". She's in nursery and its not actually a graudation, but I am so damn proud of her. She has learned a lot of things, not just in academics but more so on social skills. She used to be a meak and shy little kid who wont let go of my hand
and get scared of every new face she sees. No she has conquered the Alpahbeth, Addition and Subtraction, she can read and is confident enough to do the cat walk on their United Nations Celebrations.

I am so excited for this event, and I am glad that the school prepares a lot for it too. They have yearbook, photobook, they will be wearing toga and my daughter is performing.

My problem is I have to come up with a motto to put on her yearbook. I was given a from by the teacher this morning for this. I have to fill up the questions:
Name of Pupil:
Mother's Name:
Father's Name:

Most of it are easy to answer except for the "Father's Name". I always leave it blank, not that I don't know who her father, of course I do, but from the time I was pregnant, I made a promise to my parents to not even mention his name. Her birth certifate says "unkown", and we specifically decided to do that. So that, he will not have any claims on her. You see if I write down his name on the birth certificate, i will have to go to him and ask him to sign to acknowledge the papers, I don't want to do that. If he does sign it, that means he has equal rights as I am, and I don't want to give him any right at all. My daughter is mine, all mine. I don't need him to acknowledge her, I don't need him to help me raise her. From that time on, I have decided that I will be the sole provider for little J, I'll give her everything she needs and try to give her everything she wants. I believe I have been successful doing this.

So for her yearbook, I will still not put any name on "Father's Name" I will just leave it blank, same as his existence in our life.

Wait, I don't want to leave the "Motto" blank too, do you have any suggestions? I dont know is I am going to put a serious quote on it or just a casual, funny one. I'd like it to sound like little J was the one who thought of it, something cute, something that a 3 year old would actually say.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I've lost my pagerank!

Yesterday I discovered that I lost my PR on my main site sweet..pretty..naughty and my other blog memoryfilled, I am sad but know I am to blame as well. I was too busy to write, read worthy post. I was just writing paid opps. Well, at least my Sweetytots site still has a PR and its on its own domain. so from now on, you can ecpect to see better post from me especially on my

Sunday, March 1, 2009

J and J Adventure- Kids Ahoy Music & Arts Festival

It took a while before I started writing this post. I really want to grab the photos from Kids Ahoy, but I don't know what's wrong only the thumbnails shows up, can't grab the picture, I waited the whole day for it to load. Well, let me just tell you what happend and upload my own pics later.

I am both excited and scared for the Kids Ahoy Music Festival because I joined as an exhibitor, selling products from Sweetytots-Booksale. We are so early, I think we are already there before 8am. I pretty much came prepared. I have my own table, and display rack. I brought 6 boxes of books, I didn't know it was a lot until I layed it all on that table and I can't fit them for display, I had to use the boxes to add some display space. It is my first time to join a bazzar, and I didn't know what to expect. !!!! I hoped for good sales of course but towards half of the day I realized I am not going to get that. By pass lunch time, I still hasn't made any sale yet, other than the finger puppets bought by Teacher A, and the Human Body Activity set bought by the Papae clay exhibitor. Too sad very few came to the event. There are new faces who came it but, I just can't understand why the parents wont buy booksThe kids are looking at my stuff and some are actually reading them already. Lots of kids go to my booth and looked at the books, they really liked it, it shows on their faces how they like those books, I just can't understand why the parents wont buy them. I am just sad that it is the parents that doesnt give imporatance to books. They prefer toys rather than books, urgh!!!

Well, enough for my ranting. I wasn't successful as an entremom, but I belive I was successful as a mom, just by bringing little J tp Kids Ahoy. So eventhough I didn't earn a lot of money, I am still so happy for being there. Towards the end of the event, I didn't even bother looking at my booth, I just enjoyed my time in Kids Ahoy. I think I might have spent more than what I earned but I still had lots of fun.
Little J enjoyed the sand box. She love it so much. They are allowed to be kids and get dirty. They played ran, and threw sand, make volcanos and all. She also love her new found best friend Yona. She kept on asking me if she can give a gift to her, first the coloring book, then the pens, then the headband. I brought a lot of freebies, and since very few bought books, I just gave it out to Yona. Little J spent the whole time playing with her, in the sand box, under the tent, taking photos and playing with her video game. I discovered a lot of precious pictures of Yona in little J's "Psp fake"..

It is obvious that little J had so much fun in the sand box, just by the look of her head, she brought home a lot of sand in her hair. I like the nature keepers class too, I'll talk to little J that she has to join the next Nature keepers class. We accomplished a lot that day, little J is more independent now. She joind and participates in class, not he arm hanging very shy little girl when we first went to Kids Ahoy. Even Teacher A and Mommy J are so happy with her accomplishments. I am so proud of little J

She was so serouis on watching the ballroom dancing presentation, when we got home she asked me if I can teach her to dance like that. Although I didn't earn much on this bazaar, I am so glad for being there. I got to meet other proactive moms and saw their wonderful products. I particularly like Kids Juke Box and Loot Fairy, of course Posh Baby's items too. I inittally reserved "Boots" plush toy for little as a partner for Dora, but she like the talking Dora instead. I ordered a few more items from loot fairy today, and I am saving for the Music CD from Kids Juke Box. I think it cost about 600, so that's for a special occasion, maybe for her birthday!