Sunday, February 1, 2009


Alcoholism is an on-going battle here in the Philippines. Filipinos like to drink regularly that's way some developed drinking as a habit. Most of the time you'll see a group of men drinking beer on the street, I do hate to see them there. It ha been a problem in our barangay for so long. I can't understand why the Barangay Officials cannot make them stop. These men, who has nothing better do, starts drinking from sunset until dawn and most of the time they end up int fist fight. I cannot understand why do they have to drink all night to end up fighting with eachother and this happen every night. I don't have repect for this kind of people, they don't work and they just stay there in the streets all day and just waiting for the sun to set to start their drinking session, they should be sent to alcoholism rehab.

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