Saturday, February 21, 2009

Sweetytots-Booksale is joining a Book Fair

I am so excited I am joining Kids Ahoy's event this Saturday. It will be my first ever bazzar. I'd like to try it out, but I am a bit nscared at first because what if I will not be able to sell the books, but I am so lucky. The buisness operator/ distributor is very nice and supportive she allowed me to "borrow" books, on consignment basis that I can still return whatever books that I was not able to sell and not just that Mommy Joanne of Kids Ahoy is very nice to allow me to do this opportunity. I am so blessed! I need to check on vpn to invite more to join the Kids Ahoy Music and Art Festival.

1 comment:

Jes said...

okay yan consignement nmn pla =) goodluck!!! =) sa sat me kasal kme atendan nmn =) hehehhe