Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Valentines is just around the corner.I never celebrated this event, even in my high school days when I was going gaga over my this guy. for me it was too corny, I never liked it. Although I like recieving gifts, flowers, baloons, stuffed toys, if I dont get one I dont mind. I remeber a friend of mine sent flowers to everyone in our group of friends. We all got a boquet of flowers on valentines day. So when my crush saw me with a boquet of flowers he thought I already have a boyfriend and because of that he didn't try courting me any more. I'd like to clear it out to him but never had the chance. Then he saw me again with a bunch of roses and few weeks after, so how can I tell him that I don't have a boyfriend when he keeps on seeing me holding flowers. I never had a chance to tell him. Even when I have a boyfriend I never celebrated valentines, I've always been alone or with friends, no romantic celebration. I think the closest would be when a suitor Professor came to our house to visit.

But this year its different, I am celebrating valentines with the love of my life, little J. We are booked in a Dusit Hotel again, I wonder what would be their promo. It will be odd spending valentines in a hotel with your kid, but I'm sure it will be a lot of fun. I wonder when will I ever get to wear a sexy lingerie that I found in this site. I browse the online shop and they do have a lot of lingerie to choose from, I am just a bit distracted on the sexy poses of the models. Men will have a fun looking at the catalogue too. I like this one the best because the model looks like a model and not a porn star. I admit I need a lot of exercise and diet before a can wear something like this and look as good as this model.

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