Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Aggregator is a new word for me, although I have been blogging for years I still consider myself as a newbie. According to, aggregator hosting is a free hosting site that links blog community. Aggregator can also be refered as a blog portal, it is a customizable website that features blogs typically authored by like-minded bloggers – a blogging community. Such aggregators provide easy access to blogs about a specific topic. Successful aggregators are also a major source of blog traffic.

I still don't know mucg about it but I registered anyway, since it promises to help send traffic to my site. Since I started an online store more traffic is really needed to promote it. I am not complaining about my traffic in fact its getting better and better, my Alexa rank is now at 280,000 which is a good number. I used to be over the million mark a few months ago. I believe the entrecard dropping really help. I am not as diligent as the other bloggers on dropping cards but I try do do it once in a while. Hope joining will help boost my traffic more.

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