Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Gift for Kristo

The title fits it perfectly, I am thinking of what to give to my god son "Kristo" yes, that's his name. He's my besfriends son, who is sucha devoted Christian. I do have a gift for him last Christmas, but my father went to a birthday party that he has to pick up a gift immediately so I offered that he can take that gift instead. Sorry, but I think it is better that way because now I do have the option to look for another gift for him, something that is classified asUnique Christian Gifts . I believe Owie will appreciate it more if I give something that is about Christianity since that is what always goes out from her mouth. She is just so inlove with God that sometimes I do find it wierd, I do call her that, but she doesn't mind. It is just like calling God "Bro" sort of a pet name, a pet term to discribe my friend. I have to be honest I do miss the old Owie, somebody is normal, who doesn't always blurt out God in every sentence. Not that its bad, on the contrary its not, but I do miss talking to her about every thing and anything under the sun. I know, all of the things and situations can be related to God but there are chats that you just want to talk, sometimes you just want to talk about senseless things. Nothing too deep, just casual talk.

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