Saturday, February 7, 2009


Do you anything about holodomor? It happened during 1932-1933, there was a famine in the Soviet Union, about 6-8 million died because of hunger. It was called Goldomor which means muss hunger, with the Recesiion the world is facing today, I fear if something like this could happen. If we think deeply, this is happening already for the pass years, for decades. Areas like Africa, are already experiencing hunger. In the Philippines alone, more and more Filipinos are experiencing hunger. I remember watching a documentary on Tv about it. The TV documentary actually came out as a shock for me. I never experience something like that. In that Tv show, some kids eat only once a day, just 1 tiny bit of bread or rice without anything to go with it. There was even a family of 4 kids that give way to eachother so that all can eat, they make up a schedule, two will eat on Mondays and Wednesdays the others on other days. For them not to go hungry they just drink a lot of water. Some have to get their food from garbage. What they do is search for the left overs of fast fod chain, even the bones then they cooked it again for their food. More and more Filipinos are experinceing this kind of life, more and more experience hunger specially now because of recession. I wish we will never have to experience this, and I wish I can do more about it, than just by writing something in my blog.


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