Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Too much work!

It is 2am and I am still up, I don't want to complain because staying up all night is a normal, somewhat regular situation for an Architect. I am happy that I do have projects now but it is too tiring. I am not used to it any more, I am not used to over stressing myself on work, but I do have to work hard right? I can't let myself get used to relaxing so much. But right now, all I want is a relaxing vacation in Marbella Costa del Sol Spain. I cannot complain I have to work extra hard to earn more money, so as not be affected by recession.Everybody is affected even Marbella real estate industry has been affected by the economic downturn but there is still demand for both long term rentals and for holiday. I need that vacation right now. My eyes are so sore that it feels different. My back and my neck hurts too. On top of it all, my laptop is not cooperating. It keeps on saying "Not Responding" after all the edits I made on the design. I have to work all over again. The only thing in my mind now is where to get a holiday rentals costa del sol for my holiday vacation. I am so tired, although I am designing a spa, I do want o go to a spa now. Please let this project finish now. Laptop, please cooperate.

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